1. How do I find a pro for my home project?

You can find a pro by submitting a request here. Just describe the work you need completed and provide as much detail as you can about the job. We will match your request with qualified pros near you. You can review the profiles of our top recommendations and choose up to five pros to connect with about your project.

2. What types of services can I request through Pro Referral?

Pro Referral can help connect you with pros in the fields of handiwork, painting, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, landscaping, and contracting. If you aren’t sure what type of pro you need, submit your request and we’ll point you in the right direction.

3. Is there a charge to use Pro Referral?

Pro Referral is a free service powered by The Home Depot. There is no charge to request or receive referrals.

4. How does Pro Referral match pros to my request?

Pro Referral uses a proprietary algorithm to match your request with qualified local pros. We’ll recommend the top three pros who meet the criteria of your project, so you can be sure you’re connecting with experts in your area.

5. Does Pro Referral guarantee my pro’s workmanship?

Pro Referral cannot guarantee the quality of work or materials, but we do guarantee your satisfaction with our referral service. We’re confident in the pros we’ve selected and will refund up to $500 per unsatisfactory referral.

6. I’ve submitted a request. What happens next?

Once you have chosen pros and submitted your request, we’ll send you an email confirmation and notify the pros you selected. They will reach out directly to you to discuss the job within 24 hours. After connecting with each pro and comparing your options, pricing estimates, and other details, you can choose the one who is the best fit for your project and budget.

7. Do you share my personal information with my selected pros?

We’ll share your phone number with your selected pros so they can contact you right away, but if you prefer to use email you can request to be contacted through that method. We won’t share your email address with pros, though; they can contact you by sending messages directly on Pro Referral that we’ll deliver straight to your inbox.

7. I decided on a pro for my project. How do I get the job started?

When you’ve decided who to hire for the project, contact the pro so you can make arrangements together. Pro Referral does not coordinate scheduling, contracts, or payments, so be sure to work out all the details with your pro before work begins.

8. How can I review my pro’s work?

Only customers who have connected with pros can leave a review. Once your job is complete, you can log into your Pro Referral account or use the link sent in an email to provide feedback. You can rate your pro on a scale of one to five and provide a written review of the work.

9. Can I review a pro even if I didn’t hire them for a job?

Absolutely! We want you to share your opinion of any pros you connect with on Pro Referral. Your feedback helps other homeowners make informed decisions.

10. Can pros remove or dispute negative reviews?

Your neighbors want to know about both good and bad experiences, so we encourage honest feedback. As long as reviews are factual and not offensive, we will not remove them from a pro’s profile.