About Us

Our Mission

At Pro Referral, our mission is simple. We aim to provide a seamless, reliable experience by connecting quality pros with homeowners looking to create the perfect home.

What We Do

For customers who are in need of someone that knows how to install that ceiling fan, fix that electrical socket, paint the exterior of their home, or even clean out the gutters, but aren’t sure where to go for help—this is where Pro Referral comes in.

Powered by The Home Depot, Pro Referral uses the latest technology to match our customers, both online and in-store, with local pros. Pro Referral is the ultimate marketplace for our customer’s home improvement needs.

Who We Are

Our company was founded as Redbeacon in 2008, and went on to win the 2009 TechCrunch 50 and the 2010 SAI Startup. Impressed by the impact Redbeacon was having on the booming home services industry, The Home Depot acquired Redbeacon in 2012. In March of 2016, Redbeacon evolved into Pro Referral, and now works to better serve our customers.