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10 Areas You Miss While Dusting

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > 10 Areas You Miss While Dusting
10 Areas You Miss While Dusting

Spring cleaning has been the time-honored way to celebrate the passing away of winter and welcoming the warm sunny days that bring with them the promise of new growth, possibilities, and opportunities. It is a practice that shrugs off the lethargy of winter and prepares you for new beginnings, with a fresh mind, renewed vigor, and of course, a squeaky clean house.


The most critical job of your spring cleaning work is the dusting routine. And it is critical because even after banishing mounds of dust from the folds and layers of furnishings and the nooks and crannies of the rooms, it is likely that you will have missed sundry other dusty corners. As any householder will agree, dust particles have a habit of settling into the unlikeliest of corners and escape even the most determined sweeping and wiping job. These hidden layers of dust are potential health hazards and when wedged inside electrical and electronic devices and gadgets, they may even interfere with their internal workings.


There are several areas in a typical house that tend to get missed while dusting. Learn about these areas and ensure a thorough cleaning routine. Or you may also look up the listings online and call a professional cleaner.

  1. 1.Top of the Fridge and Freezer

    The fridge and the freezer collect more dust than is visible to the naked eye. You may take down every single magnet and post-it note to wipe clean your fridge door, but what about the top of these devices. These surfaces too attract dust, become smudged with fingerprints, and are covered with grease and grime from cooking. So, when dusting your house, make sure that you take down every object from the top of the fridge and the freezer and give these surfaces a thorough wipe.

  2. 2.Ceiling Fan Blades

    Ceiling fan blades are like dust magnets. Howsoever, they may rotate, the blades of the fan attract dust particles from the air circulating around the fan and this dust actually sticks to the surface. So, if you have not cleaned them for a while, expect to find a thick coat of dust and dirt on them. Make sure that you do not miss the blades of the ceiling fans around your house in your dusting schedule.

  3. 3.AC/Heater Vents

    Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that there is no dust. What is more frightening is that, hidden dust particles tend to cause critical damage, especially when they get into electrical devices like the vents of your heating and cooling units. HVAC units pull in air from your rooms and with it, all air-borne dust particles. Over time, the vents get clogged with dust and your heating and cooling units begin to propel impure air back into your rooms. What is more, dirt-clogged vents also make these units heat up more and as a result, your energy bills shoot up. Overlooking the AC and heater vents in your dusting routine can thus be quite costly misses!

  4. 4.Window Blinds

    Whether you have Venetian blinds in the traditional plastic or metal version or the more contemporary wooden form, they will attract dust. In fact, these are some of the dustiest zones in your house because dust tends to settle on each horizontal slat and usually remains unnoticed unless you peer closely.

  5. 5.Top of Cabinets

    As you have realized by now, the areas in your house that tend to get missed the most when dusting are the ones that are out of sight. After all, didn’t somebody say that out of sight is being out of mind? A strong case in point is the cabinet tops that get missed in your dusting routine even if you have scrupulously cleaned the insides and the sides. These are the kitchen cabinets, the medicine cabinets, and to a greater extent, even the topmost shelf of your bookcase that no one in your household can reach with their stockinged feet. Just because they are out of sight does not mean that they are out of bounds for the stubborn dust particles.

  6. 6.Entertainment Center

    Your entertainment center is a happy hunting ground for dust particles. Think of the umpteen number of places that these pesky things can invade—the paper-thin strip of space behind your wall-mounted TV, in the wedges and unused slots of the speakers, and under the blu-ray player—and you will realize that you need a separate checklist for the entertainment center. These dust particles remain hidden from sight until they make their way inside these sensitive gadgets and wreak havoc with their works.

  7. 7.Under the Couch

    This is the favorite playground of the dust bunnies and they remain hidden till something drops to the ground and rolls away under the couch. You then peep underneath and get the shock of your life! These clumps and tufts of dust tend to stick to the hard-to-reach corners of the surface underneath your couch and also other heavy furniture. The best and the least back-breaking way to clean these areas is to vacuum them. This will suck out all the dust that no amount of wiping and dusting can do.

  8. 8.Back of the Pantry

    Bread crumbs, dust bunnies, spilled soup that has turned into a cake, cocoa powder from an upset jar, spider webs, and bits and pieces of things that you can hardly recognize—you will be shocked if you peek into the back of your pantry. But you must ensure that you tackle this area to keep the food items safe and uncontaminated.

  9. 9.Underneath Your Computer

    It does not matter if you have a laptop and you do not move it, dust can make its way underneath this critical device. That is not good for your health or your laptop’s capabilities either.

  10. 10.Beds You do not Use

    Do you have a spare bed? Has your child taken off for college? Dust loves to rest on that top blanket. This is not good for any pets that lay on this bed nor you if you ever lay down on this bed to take a nap or read a book. You need take that top blanket outside and shake it so that dust blows and vibrates off.

A clean house is absolutely essential to ensure that you and your loved ones are healthy and happy. Dust is known to be the leading cause of a host of respiratory illnesses and is especially harmful if there are small children, elderly people, and pets in your house. Thus it is imperative that you make a checklist of all the areas that you need to dust (of course, including the apt-to-be-missed zones listed above) before you embark on the task.

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