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10 Best Garden Plants to Grow in the Winter

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 10 Best Garden Plants to Grow in the Winter
10 Best Garden Plants to Grow in the Winter

Seasons come and go but nature is perennial and that is why it offers a wide range of plants that thrive in cold weather. There are plants that will bloom through a layer of snow or which will reflect their bright colors from the icicles hanging down from your house. These are not plants that manage to hang on and survive the cold and snow – these are plants that thrive in these conditions. If you are an avid gardener or just want to keep your yard looking attractive all your round, winter plants in your garden will add a special touch to your home.


Winter Gardens Can Warm the Coldest of Days

In winter living creatures tend to withdraw to their nests to await the return of warmer weather. Humans are no exception and we spend as much time as possible in the cozy comforts of our homes till the weather outside becomes welcoming again. But that is no reason to ignore the exterior of your house. Brightly colored winter garden plants, or even a few winter vegetables, add life to a cold and dead landscape. The brightness and life that these plants project will enter your home each time you look outside and see them. And the fact that you have a beautiful winter garden will tell the neighbors a lot about the kind of family you are.


If you want to keep your garden alive in winter, you will find information relevant to your area, on seed and gardening equipment and materials suppliers online. If a winter garden appeals to you but the idea of spending time creating and maintaining it out in the cold does not, the Internet is where you will also find information on gardening and landscaping professions who will do the job for you.

  1. 1.Camellia


    One of the most popular of winter plants is the Camellia. This evergreen blooms from fall to early spring and its brightly colored rose like flowers offer a striking contrast to a dull winter landscape. The best place to plant them is in a place that gets some sun, but not too much of it and which is protected from strong winds.

  2. 2.Winterberry


    Winterberry is a cousin of holly but loses its leaves in the fall so that the bright red berries come into their own. This plant is a staple of winter landscaping and once you see the berries, you will know why. If you like birds, you can rest assured that those that come out in winter will thank you for the berries you provide them. The seeds must be sown in the fall in a cold frame and should be transplanted to rich moist soil in the spring. This is a slow growing plant and germination can take 2 to 3 years.

  3. 3.Red Twig Dogwood

    Red Twig Dogwood

    Red Twig Dogwood is another old favorite. The plant’s striking red stems are not just attractive on their own, they make a great accent when combined with evergreens. The color remains all year but in spring and summer the new leaves will need to be regularly removed to reveal the stems. The brightness of the plants color depends on the amount of sun it receives.

  4. 4.Firethorn


    Firethorn is a hardy perennial that is an attractive sight all year round. It has small clusters of sparkling white flowers in spring and bright glossy green leaves the rest of the year. The small pea like berries, which can be either orange or yellow in remain long after fall is over. Seeds should be planted in the fall in a cold frame and transplanted to well drained rich earth in the spring.

  5. 5.Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick or Corkscrew Hazel

    Corkscrew Hazel

    An unusual by very interesting winter plant is Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick or Corkscrew Hazel. While this shrub does flower in the spring, what makes it such an attractive winter plant are the winding and twisted branches that add a pleasantly eerie touch to a winter landscape. This plant grows best in a mixture of bright sunlight and shade. The branches will require regular trimming to maintain their appealing look, failing which they will look like an overgrown unkempt tangle of wood.

  6. The Paper Birch Tree

    6.The Paper Birch Tree

    The Paper Birch tree shows off its beautiful yellow leaves in autumn and when the weather turns really cold, its white bark offer a striking contrast to a backdrop of evergreens. It is often used as the focal point of Christmas displays. Trees should be planted in shallow holes with mulch to retain moisture. They grow best in partial sunlight.

  7. Paperbark Maple

    7.Paperbark Maple

    Paperbark Maple’s curls of copper colored bark peel off from all over and make a pleasing sight, both while on the plant or while lying on the ground. The green leaves of summer turn into an eye catching cinnamon shade in the fall. It grows best in partial sunlight.

  8. 8.Heather


    Heather has always been a very popular plant in Europe but has been largely overlooked in this country until recently when its appeal as a winter plant was recognized. This plant blooms all year and offers beautiful flowers in summer and fall. In winter the thick foliage makes an appealing contrast to the more delicate blooms of other winter plants. Planting should be done in winter with mulch in a place that attains the maximum sunlight.

  9. Holly


    Holly has always been associated with winter. With 400 varieties to choose from that range from small bushes to huge trees of up to 80 feet, there is a type of holly for every garden and winter landscape. Its bright berries and thick foliage ensure that this is one plant that always catches the eye.

  10. 10.Hellebore


    Another winter plant that is available in a wide range of varieties is Hellebore. The bloom are an unmistakable cup shape and the wide range of colors mean that you will be able to find one that compliments the rest of your winter garden. The plant grows best in part to full shade.


    All it takes to create a beautiful winter garden is a little imagination and a trip to a garden supply store to buy the seeds you need. This is one small investment that will give pleasure not just in winter, but all year round.

Make Your Home Stand Out this Winter

When the world is blanketed in white snow or when the cold forces everyone off the deserted streets, a blooming winter garden with bright colors will catch the eye and provide feeling of warmth. This warmth reflects outwards to those who pass by and inwards to offer a cheerful vision for those in the house when they look out of the windows at a winter landscape enlivened by blooming plants.

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