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10 Contemporary Wine Storage Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Contemporary Wine Storage Ideas
10 Contemporary Wine Storage Ideas

The move away from hard liquors and the appreciation of the health benefits of drinking wine in moderation, along with the growing awareness of the way the right wine can complement a meal and make even the simplest of food taste special are the leading reasons for its growing popularity. Drinking wine has long been considered a rich man’s hobby; but it’s not. Good wines need not be expensive. A good wine, properly stored can be like ambrosia. And an excellent wine, stored badly, can be like vinegar. Keep in mind that wine bottles should never be placed vertically. They must always be stored in a horizontal position so the corks remain damp. A dry cork will flake off into the wine and also let air into the bottle, ruining the wine. Let’s look at some easy home wine storage options.


If you want professional help and advice on storing your wines, you will find information on wine experts and storage equipment suppliers in your area via any legitimate search engine.

  1. 1.Modify an old cabinet

    Before throwing away a worn out old kitchen cabinet, consider using it for wine storage. A little cleaning up and polishing, some new hardware and fitting a metal wine rack inside can turn it into a perfect small wine storage area.

  2. 2.The beverage cooler

    Any beverage cooler that is designed to allow bottles to be placed in them horizontally can be a working and effective wine cooler. All you need is a solid and reliable thermostat to control the temperature. Since these cooler usually have glass doors, make sure that no strong light, such as sunlight or the direct rays of indoor lighting which can affect the wines, is able to enter the cooler.

  3. 3.The Wine cooler

    Wine coolers that are designed to hold wine bottles of different sizes are easily available in small sizes to suit home needs. These are more expensive that ordinary bottle coolers but offer the advantage of zone wise temperature control so different varieties of wine can be stored at the temperature that is best for them. They usually have tinted glass doors to prevent harmful UV rays from affecting the wine. The high end models offer humidity controls which will allow you to store your wines in optimum conditions.

  5. 4.The wine refrigerator

    As the name implies this is a wine cooler on a large scale and the size is like that of a large refrigerator. These are ideal for those who entertain a lot and need to have a variety of wines ready to offer guests. It also prudent for those who have made collecting wines into a hobby, because of the storage space available. A wine refrigerator is meant for displaying your wine collection so it needs to be placed where it can be seen. These are available in a variety of designs and finishes so that finding one that matches the décor of your home is not difficult.

  6. 5.Wine Cubbies

    Not all wines are to be served cold. Most reds are best if drunk at room temperature. Creating a row of cubby holes to fill up blank space on a kitchen wall is a simple solution. If you are short of space consider using the space below the drawers of a kitchen island for wine bottle cubbies.

  7. 6.A space saving wine cabinet

    Modern modular kitchen have a lot of storage options that include storage racks that swing out for easy access to the items inside. You could fit one of these under your bar for easy access to your wines or even fit one, with a nice decorative finish, into a corner of your living room.

  8. 7.A wine closet

    Look for an unused or underused closet in your home. When you find one, transfer all the things stored in a closet near the kitchen, living room, or hallway there. The newly empty closet can be fitted out with cubbies to hold reds and if you need storage for whites also, place a small wine cooler below the cubbies. You may need to create a few vents in the door to let the heat from the wine cooler disperse, failing which the closet could become too warm for the wine to be safe.

  10. 8.A wine shelf

    A bookshelf styled wine storage area can hold a lot of wine and occupy little floor space. You can buy these at most furniture stores or get one made to order. Make sure that the edges of the shelves are scalloped to hold the bottles securely and prevent them from jostling one another. This is an outstanding and fantastic option for a wine lover who enjoys spending time looking at his collection, but it’s not suitable for the public areas of the home where visitors may consider it as being “showy.” But they can look good in a den or family room.

  11. 9.A wine chest

    Do you have an old chest of drawers that you are wondering what to do with? Wonder no more. Take out the drawers and cut away the interior frame. Replace the drawers with cubbies for your wine bottles or with purpose built drawers for them. If you go with the drawer option, make sure that the drawers are designed so that the bottle are help in place and do not roll around each time the drawer is opened.

  12. 10.A mini wine cellar

    Many homes have unused space in the basement. Partitioning off a small area can make it into a wine cellar. All you need to do is fit in some cubby holes for the red and a cooler or wine refrigerator for the whites. But make sure that the basement is not damp and that you can maintain the right temperature there year round. Large fluctuations in ambient temperature can ruin fine wine. You can even make a wine cellar in your attic or the garage if you take the same humidity and temperature precautions.


    Wine storage options range from simple DIY projects to inexpensive wine racks to costly professional grade wine cabinets and coolers that are small enough for use in the home. Have a look at your wines consumption pattern and the types of wine you drink (different types of wine have different storage needs) and choose your storage options accordingly. Remember that as the wine habit grows on you, it will become a regular part of your life and the number of bottle you will want to store will increase. Plan your wine storage needs not just for today but for a few years down the road.

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