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10 Creative Ways to Add Storage to Any Room

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Creative Ways to Add Storage to Any Room
10 Creative Ways to Add Storage to Any Room

While it’s fun to page through the home decorating magazines, your reality in your own home may be a far different situation. A common challenge regardless of your home’s style or size, ample storage to stow your stuff is a major issue for many people. If you’re short on space, it’s time to get long on creativity to solve your storage dilemmas.


Even the Iowa State University struggles with the concept of “a place for everything and everything in its place.” The less space you have in your home, the more creative you become to store your items neatly and keep your house organized. Keep an eye out for new and innovative storage designs and ideas so you can incorporate them into your own home, too.


With 10 creative ways to add storage to any room, your home will look and stay organized and you’ll be able to find everything you need within seconds.

  1. 1.Under the Stair Drawers

    The space under the stairs can be a forgotten, yet ideal, spot to hold virtually anything. Make over each step into a drawer, pulling straight out from the front of the stairs. Another option might be to create pull-out storage shelves in the area under the stairs if the side of the stairs is accessible. Use this storage area for outer wear storage, backpacks, family shoes or off-season clothing. You might even hold crafting supplies or kids’ art supplies in these shelves and bins.

  2. 2.High Storage Shelves

    Look up to the tops of your rooms when you’re trying to carve out additional storage. Often the perimeter of the room nearest the ceiling is unused and even ideal for storing a variety of items. Install floating shelves above doorways and high along hallways. Use the space near the ceiling of the kitchen for items you don’t use that often. Install shelves up to the ceiling in every closet to ensure that you’re using every storage inch available. Use these high shelves for books or place attractive baskets on the shelves to hold smaller items.

  3. 3.Furniture Storage

    Furniture can be the perfect spot to stow extra stuff. An ottoman with storage space inside can hold blankets, magazines or even family games. A coffee table with shelves underneath can hold books and games that the family uses often. Bench seating in the kitchen might hold kitchen towels and other linens for easy access.

  5. 4.Doors

    The surface area of doors can be an ideal place to add shelves and hooks. Use over-the-door hooks for additional storage of robes and jackets. Mount a shallow shelving system with baskets and bins on the door for useful storage of office supplies, toiletry items, linens and pantry goodies. Make sure that the weight of items you store in shelves and baskets is not so heavy that you damage the door hinges.

  6. 5.Don’t Cut Corners

    Corners can be easy to overlook as you’re trying to use every inch of a room. By using corner hutches and shelves, you suddenly utilize nooks and crannies that can add exponential storage space to a room’s area. Open shelves or closed units with drawers and cupboards would both work well as corner storage. Use corners in the kitchen, entryway, hallways and bedrooms to add useful storage to any room.

  7. 6.Bedroom Loft Bed

    If your child doesn’t have enough bedroom space, make room with a loft bed. With the bed elevated high, this suddenly frees up space underneath for a desk or a closet/dresser combination. You may be surprised how many kids you can fit into a room if you use loft beds to create more storage space at floor level.

  9. 7.Wardrobe Makeover

    A wardrobe might not sound like an innovative storage solution, but that’s before you gut it to make it over into a work area for sewing or crafting. Set up a flat work area that folds up inside the wardrobe when it’s closed and that folds out into a horizontal work space when the wardrobe is open. Use the insides of the wardrobe doors for hooks and shallow shelves. Fill the drawers with odds and ends that you’ll need as you work.

  10. 8.Garden Trellis

    A garden trellis can be the perfect spot for climbing flowers or vegetables outside, but it also can be ideal for additional interior storage. Place a trellis on the kitchen wall to hold kitchen tools and gadgets. You could even use it as a cup rack to hold coffee mugs. Use hooks on the trellis and hang small storage baskets to hold tiny items. Place a trellis in the bedroom to help you organize your jewelry. Even in the kids’ bedroom, a garden trellis could hold caps and hats and other clothing accessories within easy reach of youngsters.

  11. 9.Under the Bed

    Although there’s nothing new about shoving stuff under the bed, this oft-used storage spot has some new innovations to it. Consider raising your bed a few inches, too, to give yourself even more storage space under the bed (besides, it will make you feel like royalty). Find under-the-bed storage baskets or bins with casters underneath for easy maneuvering to dig inside the bins. Hold off-season clothing, bedding or additional linens under the bed for easy access.

  12. 10.Pegboard

    Pegboards may not be the most beautiful addition to a wall, but what they provide in function more than makes up for with their plain, utilitarian appearance. Any room where you regularly use tools and gadgets, including the kitchen, bathroom, basement and hobby rooms, can be the ideal spot for a pegboard on a free wall. With the pegboard in place, install special hooks and then get all of your tools and gadgets out of the way and up onto the wall. An added bonus: once your items are on the pegboard, you’ll have them in full view where you can find anything you need quickly.

Once you wake up your imagination, you may be surprised how much extra storage you can carve out in your home. Don’t ever stop trying to improve and enhance your home storage solutions.

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