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10 Effective Improvements for Household Privacy

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Effective Improvements for Household Privacy
10 Effective Improvements for Household Privacy

Nosy neighbors and curious passersby are a fact of life that we all need to live with. They need to be discouraged; but you need to live in a community and sitting on your front porch with a shotgun in your lap to scare people away is not the ideal way to get along with your neighbors. Your best bet is to make some subtle common improvements and modifications to your home to make it difficult for people to pry and invade your privacy. You can protect your household privacy without being anti-social and being seen as a bad neighbor.


If you need expert advice on how to increase the privacy of your home, you will find information on security professionals, interior decorators, furnishing suppliers, and other experts in your area online.

  1. 1.Fences

    Fences are a great way of keeping people from treating your property like an extension of the sidewalk and stepping in to have a closer look at your house or your beautiful garden. With a fence and a gate, anyone entering your premises will need to have a specific reason for doing so. And a fence will also serve to keep dogs and cats from neighboring houses from using your yard as their playground.

  2. 2.Curtains

    Curtains are an essential element of interior decor. The problem with them is that if the curtains are thick and heavy, drawing them blocks light from entering the room, along with the gazes of passersby. Consider a double curtain system with a light one that blocks people from looking in while not cutting off all the light and a thick one for use when total privacy is required.

  3. 3.Shutters

    Shutters can be an interesting architectural feature. And because they are there, they are meant to be used. They offer a very effective way of blocking off the outside world. Just remember to keep your shutters open for as long as you can – if they are constantly closed you will appear to be an anti-social recluse.

  5. 4.Blinds

    If thick curtains and shutters are not your thing or do not suit your house, what about blinds? May homeowners feel that blinds are more appropriate for use on commercial establishments but the textured and decorative blinds that are now available can complement any home décor. And blinds offer complete privacy. Blinds can be difficult to clean so be sure you wipe them down frequently to prevent layers of dirt from accumulating on them.

  6. 5.Tinted Glass

    Tinted glass windows are not only for increasing the efficiency of air conditioning in your home. Tinted glass offers a way of making it difficult for those outside to see what is happening indoors. This effect can be achieved by either installing tinted glass or by applying tinted film on the windows. Experiment with various shades and colors of tint to find the one that allows the amount of light you want to enter your home while restricting visibility from the outside to the maximum.

  7. 6.Frosted Glass

    Another way of allowing light to enter while blocking the view of those on the outside is by using frosted glass. Natural sunlight is able to enter without restriction but the frosting refracts the light making it impossible for those on the outside to see into the house. If you already have plain glass windows and do not want to bear the expense of replacing all the glass, you can buy spray on frosting from most hardware stores.

  8. 7.CCTV

    There is nothing like an obvious CCTV camera to make people who should not be on your property think twice about being there. The fact that you have a CCTV camera setup indicates that you will have other security devices installed and strangers will not want to have their intrusion recorded or risk activating any alarms you may have put in place. And best of all, you don’t really need to spend the money required for a CCTV or home security system. A dummy camera is enough to scare people away. All you need to do is ensure that the fake camera looks real!


    If you have the money and have plenty of reason to keep people out of your home or protect your home, have this system installed for real. You will not be the first one.

  10. 8.Get a Dog

    Dogs are fabulous and outstanding protectors of privacy. Get a reasonable sized dog, preferably one that looks a bit fierce and put up a few “beware of the Dog” signs. Train the dog to bark at strangers who enter your property. This is enough to scare away uninvited and unwanted people from coming to you home. Do not train the dog to bite or attack – you do not want a lawsuit on your hands. Barking is enough to make people hesitate to enter. And of course, a dog is a marvelous pet that adds a lot to the happiness of a home.

  11. 9.Guest Management

    Maybe you live in a home you are really proud of. Maybe you like to show it off – nothing wrong in that. Only do not make the mistake of telling people they a can wander around your home at will to admire it. That will make them feel that they have your permission to do so in future. Always escort them around so that they will feel that they need your permission before exploring your home again.

  12. 10.Keep Your Distance

    You need to be part of the community you live in. Living like a hermit is unsafe, unhealthy, and depressing. At the same time, you do need your privacy at home. When interacting with neighbors respect their privacy and keep an eye open for signs that they think you are being intrusive. Use the same signs to indicate your feelings to them when you feel they are not respecting your privacy. If you do not keep dropping in at their homes whenever you feel like it, they will not drop in at yours all the time. If they don’t understand that, a few polite remarks about how you don’t like to visit people uninvited since you worry that you may be intruding on their privacy will usually be enough to make your feelings clear.


    No one likes an anti-social person. And living like hermits in the middle of a happy neighborhood is not good or conducive for anyone in the family. You need your neighbors as much as they need you. Your life may depend on them one day. But you have a right to you privacy at home and you can increase and protect it by using the tips give here. Just remember that before you dismiss someone as a prying pain in the neck and block them off from your life, they may be the ones who are most interested in your well-being and ready to help you when you need it.

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