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10 Expectations From a Good Carpentry Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > 10 Expectations From a Good Carpentry Service
10 Expectations From a Good Carpentry Service

When you need light carpentry work on your home – remodeling, repairs or renovations – a carpentry service might step in to save the day. Although you might find some handyman services who offer similar specialties, a carpentry service focuses on providing quality work for residential and business clients.


In the search for a good carpentry service, do your homework before hiring a professional. You need someone with solid skills and experience who will deliver high-quality results for your carpentry project. By knowing what you can expect from a professional carpenter, you can focus on planning your project and finding the ideal company to work on it.

  1. 1.Plan your Project

    Before you can find a professional carpenter to work on your home, you must plan your project and determine exactly what results you're looking for. For example, if you want a room remodeled or a part of your home renovated, make a detailed list of the work to better communicate these points to your contractor. By prioritizing your projects, it ensures that the most important work receives primary attention when it becomes necessary to adjust the job due to time or financial constraints.

  2. 2.Common Carpentry Projects

    A carpentry service might provide a variety of building and remodeling services. A carpenter can install new cabinets and countertops or repair existing ones. Both interior and exterior finish work to trim and molding is also common carpentry work. Framing new construction or additions, including closets, doorways, shelving and built-in furniture also fits with the skills and experience of most carpenters. Because carpenters have the skills to work with plans and blueprints, you will receive more specialized service by hiring a carpenter over a handyman.

  3. 3.Interviewing Professionals

    Call at least three different professional carpenters to conduct interviews. Have the professionals come to your home to assess the work site. Go over your project plans with each professional to hear feedback and suggestions. Carpentry companies should be willing to spend enough time discussing your project to ensure they understand the work involved and your overall expectations.

  4. 4.Asking Questions

    Ask questions of each company to find out what specific skills and experience they possess that would help them perform the job successfully. Find out how long each company has been in business. Ask about a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you’ll be happy with the work performed. It’s also helpful to find out what kind of materials each professional uses and whether you have input on the choice of materials, which might help control costs. Get at least three references from each company.

  5. 5.Getting Estimates

    Request a formal estimate from each company you interview to enable you to explore the project as each professional would perform it. Once you have the estimates, compare them carefully – price, timeframe, materials, guarantees and the overall gut feeling you get from each company. While you might want to automatically hire the lowest bid – consider all aspects of the project to ensure you find the contractor who will deliver the best work at the most competitive price.

  6. 6.Exploring References

    Call the references you received to get more information about each carpentry service. Ask about overall satisfaction with the work and service, timeliness and punctuality of the work crew, pricing, safety considerations and satisfaction with the project after completion. If possible, visit the work sites to see the carpentry work yourself.

  7. 7.Licenses and Insurance

    Carpentry service companies need a license to work lawfully in a local jurisdiction. Ask any company you interview for evidence of this license to ensure that the company complies with local laws. Inquire about insurance held by each professional – it’s best if a carpentry company holds both liability and workman’s compensation insurance to protect you against loss from damage and injuries that could occur during the work projects.

  8. 8.Deposit/Full Payment

    Most carpentry services will require a deposit prior to beginning any work. The deposit helps the contractor cover costs of materials and it serves as a down payment toward the entire work project. Find the price of the deposit a contractor requires and ask if this amount is negotiable. You might be able to reduce a deposit if you purchase some or all of the materials yourself, instead of the contractor purchasing them for you.

  9. 9.Signing a Contract

    Never proceed with a work project without a detailed contract that covers all aspects of the work. Include information such as a complete description of the work, the timetable for beginning and completing the work, specific work days and hours, pricing and payment schedule and satisfaction guarantee. Both you and the carpentry service must sign this contract to agree to the terms.

  10. 10.Pro Referral

    Instead of handling all of these details yourself, get help from Pro Referral. Finding a good carpentry service is a crucial step for ensuring that you receive the results you’re after for your home improvement project. Don’t settle for less than the best – hire an expert who will take care of your carpentry needs.

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