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10 Expectations From a Good Drywall Installation Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Drywall > 10 Expectations From a Good Drywall Installation Service
10 Expectations From a Good Drywall Installation Service

Whether you’re building or remodeling, you will come to the point where you need to install drywall in your interior rooms. You might succeed in tackling this task yourself if you have the time and inclination, but it could be a stretch. Without the required knowledge, experience, and technical skills that a drywall contractor possesses, completing the installation can be a difficult project for any homeowner and should not be attempted.


Simplify your project by finding a good drywall installation service that will handle the job in a professional manner. Before selecting a company, however, ensure that you know what to expect when you hire a professional. By understanding the process, you’re more likely to have high-quality finished results.

  1. 1.Assessing the Project

    Some home projects are probably within your scope of skills as a novice, but other jobs will require a professional. As you consider the project and how you wish to proceed, assess the work to determine whether you need a professional. If the work involves only minor patching or installation of drywall to a small part of a wall, you can probably undertake this work yourself. However, if you’re installing drywall in an entire room, find a professional who will perform the work quickly and efficiently. The time it would take you to do the work yourself and the possibilities for errors make it worthwhile to hire a professional.

  2. 2.Research

    Find drywall installation companies in your area to begin researching various contractors. Once you have a list, check each company on the Internet to see if you can find information from both satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if a company has any complaints. Call your local municipality to learn what licensing drywall contractors need to have in order to work in your area. Narrow your list of potential contractors based on any negative information you find about specific companies.

  3. 3.Interviewing Contractors

    Once you have a short list of drywall contractors that might fit your project, call at least three different companies to set up interviews. Drywall contractors should be willing to sit down with you to discuss your project and answer your questions. Ask each contractor to assess the project to ensure each one understands the work necessary. Pay attention to your instincts as you interview contractors – if any flags arise during an interview, something might be amiss about a contractor.

  4. 4.Experience and Skills

    Ask contractors about experience and skills. While you might save money by hiring a drywall company with less experience and fewer skills, this risk probably isn’t worth it. Instead, consider companies with more experience and stronger skills to ensure success with your project. Drywall companies should be open and forthcoming about experience and skills to demonstrate their qualifications for the job.

  5. 5.Insurance and Licensing

    Ask any contractors about licensing to ensure that they comply with local regulations. Ask to see licenses to verify contractor compliance. Inquire about liability and workman’s compensation insurance as well. Liability insurance protects you from loss from damage to your property during the project. Workman’s compensation insurance protects you from loss from injuries that could occur to workers during the project.

  6. 6.Receiving Estimates

    A quality drywall installation company should provide an estimate upon request. After inspecting the project and learning all the details, a drywall installation company should provide you with a complete estimate that covers the costs involved in both work and materials. Ask about estimate guarantees to find out if a contractor guarantees the estimate price or whether it could change in the future. After you receive estimates from at least three different contractors, compare details such as materials specified, timeframe of the project, price and any work guarantees. To learn more about the costs associated with drywall installation, see our Drywall Installation Cost Guide.

  7. 7.Ask for References

    Request references from any company you consider hiring. Call each reference to get detailed information about the contractor’s work performance. Ask questions about the timeliness of the work, the quality of the services, any subcontractors who performed work, and whether the final price matched the estimate given. If possible, visit the work sites to assess the work performed.

  8. 8.Avoiding Scams

    Scams exist in every area of contractor work, drywall installation included. You can avoid potential scams by checking any company you consider thoroughly. Never proceed with drywall installation without a signed service contract that details the work performed, the materials used, the timeline for the project and the final price. Always inspect the materials carefully to ensure that the quality materials you pay for are the materials installed on your walls.

  9. 9.Recycling Drywall

    Depending on your location, it might be possible to recycle used drywall that comes down from your walls during a renovation project. Ask a drywall installation company if recycling drywall is a possibility to reduce potential waste and to keep used drywall out of landfills.

  10. 10.Drywall Installation Contractors

    Streamline your home improvement project with assistance from Pro Referral. Complete a work request for Drywall Installation and Pro Referral will provide you with a list of possible contractors you might hire for the project.


    Don’t let your drywall work detract from the overall quality of your home improvement project. Find a reputable and high-quality drywall installation service to take care of this important part of your project.

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