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10 Expectations From a Good Gutter Repair Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Gutter > 10 Expectations From a Good Gutter Repair Service
10 Expectations From a Good Gutter Repair Service

Cleaning your gutters might be one of those seasonal tasks that you dread. The mess, the hassle and the risk of climbing up a ladder to the roof can combine for a difficult and even dangerous home maintenance job.


If you put off cleaning your gutters, you might experience costly damage to the gutter systems due to the accumulation of debris. If damage occurs, you’ll be looking for a good gutter repair service that will fix your gutter system and ensure that it works effectively and efficiently once again.

  1. 1.Explore Options

    You have many different gutter options from which to choose, so explore different products on your own before you even speak with a professional. It’s helpful to know what’s available and to have an idea of what products you think you might want on your home before you speak with a gutter company. Gutter companies have their opinions and their ideas, so educating yourself first will put you in a position of knowledge as you discuss your project.

  2. 2.Interview Companies

    Invite at least three different gutter repair services to come out to your house to inspect the project site. Once there, show the professionals the work and get input and ideas about the best way to repair or replace your existing gutter system. Take notes about the recommendations and ideas you receive from these professionals – they may be similar to each other or they could be completely different.

  3. 3.Ask Questions

    To assess various gutter repair companies, find out what type of services each company offers. Inquire about what type of maintenance and repair work the company will perform. A company might perform an overall inspection of the system and then make repairs such as resealing end caps, tightening loose connections and replacing downspouts. Ask about any building height limitations and find out if rates increase for higher gutter systems. Ask how a company charges for maintenance or repair – some professionals will assess charges by the linear foot of the gutters or by the square foot measurement of the entire house. Either way, find out whether the overall condition of your gutters has an impact on charges.

  4. 4.Cleaning Services

    Find out about gutter-cleaning services offered by professionals. Ask about the methods of cleaning used by various companies and the recommended timing of the cleaning – likely once or twice a year to minimize accumulating debris. Ask about pricing and any discounts for repeat business as well – many companies will give returning customers a discount off future jobs.

  5. 5.Receive Estimates

    Request estimates from any company you consider hiring for gutter repair and maintenance. Once you receive several estimates, compare them to determine which company offers the most in-depth and broad service for the best value. Don’t forget to factor in a company’s experience and skill level – a new company might submit a lowball estimate simply to attract your business. Although enticing, it’s not always prudent to hire a company with little experience or time in the business. You could be taking a risk by hiring an inexperienced company because you might not receive quality workmanship.

  6. 6.Insurance

    A good gutter repair service will carry company liability insurance to protect you against loss from damage. Ask detailed questions about insurance coverage, including workman’s compensation insurance. Workman’s comp protects you from loss from injuries that could occur to workers while they work on your property.

  7. 7.Avoiding Scams

    Protect yourself from scams that exist within the gutter repair and maintenance industry. Before hiring anyone, get a complete contract in writing that details all the work the contractor will perform, timeframe of the service and the price of the work. Pay attention as the company works on your gutters to ensure that you’re receiving the service for which you contracted. For example, if you contracted to have your gutters and downspouts completely cleaned and overhauled, make sure the company doesn’t leave any debris behind in your gutter system.

  8. 8.References

    It’s wise to request references from any company you consider hiring. A reputable company will be happy to share references of satisfied clients with you. Once you get these names, contact each homeowner to get details about the gutter service company. Ask about the integrity of the company, the quality of the service, the timeframe of the job and the customer’s overall satisfaction with the company.

  9. 9.Warranty/Guarantee

    Find out if the gutter repair company offers any warranties or guarantees for services or products. For example, if the company installs gutter guards over your gutters and you aren’t happy with the effectiveness of the guards for keeping debris out of your gutters, will you have recourse with the company? Will the company replace or repair any defective parts or materials within a specific time period?

  10. 10.Gutter Repair Service

    To simplify the hiring process when finding a gutter repair company, utilize Pro Referral. Submit a work request for gutter repair and Pro Referral will deliver you a list of professionals who can perform these tasks for you.


    You may not think your gutters need that much attention, but ignoring them could lead to significant issues and damage on and around your home. Maintain your gutters as part of the maintenance on your home’s exterior. Don’t forget to visit our Gutter Home Guides for more information about gutter cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement.

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