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10 Expectations from a Good Handyman Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Expectations from a Good Handyman Service
10 Expectations from a Good Handyman Service

Maintaining a home takes effort and time, which may be difficult to find if work and family responsibilities seem to crowd out other tasks. The solution to keeping up with odd jobs and work around your house might involve hiring a handyman service.


By employing a handyman service, you can simply shift these odd jobs right over to the handyman, freeing you to take care of the other important areas of your life. Once you decide you need a handyman, how do you find a good company? The answer lies in detailed research and analysis during the hiring process to ensure that you hire an experienced and reputable company.

  1. 1.Assess Your Needs

    Before you contact any companies, take a thorough walk-through of your entire home and landscape to assess the work you have for a handyman. Make a complete and comprehensive list of the jobs that need completion. Also, note which jobs will be one-time jobs and which ones will be repetitive. It might also help to prioritize these jobs with the most important projects at the top of the list and those that aren’t so crucial near the bottom.

  2. 2.Make a Plan

    Once you know the work you need done by a handyman, create a schedule that maps out when you need to have the work completed. Some jobs – such as building or restoring areas of your home – will be one-time jobs that you can schedule with the handyman. Other jobs such as repairs will probably come up on an ongoing basis. If you anticipate ongoing repair situations, you’ll need to work this out with the handyman to ensure he’s available when you need him.

  3. 3.Contacting Companies

    Find a few local companies to make initial contact. As you call these companies, eliminate any professionals who haven’t been in business for at least five years to ensure that you find a reputable and experienced company to carryout your handyman services.

  4. 4.Services Provided

    The field of “handyman” is largely unregulated, so the services provided by any handyman service will vary. Some handymen might have more expertise and skills, while others are more of the do-it-yourself variety. Some handyman companies provide more specialized services while others have a general home maintenance approach. Check with your local municipality to find out if handyman companies in your location need to have special licensing.

  5. 5.Interviewing

    Interview at least three different companies before hiring anyone. During the interview, walk through your home and property to discuss specific needs you have for services. Ask questions about experience, specific skills, charging policies (by the hour or by the job) and insurance. Any handyman service should possess liability insurance to protect you against loss from damage. Find out about quality guarantees for work performed to find out the company’s policies. Request at least three estimates from each handyman company.

  6. 6.Estimates

    Request estimates from the companies you interview. Once you receive estimates, compare them for both price and the services and work included in the estimates. Some companies may return lower estimates, based on experience and expertise. While you might see benefits with choosing a lower estimate, make sure you don’t sacrifice quality and experience for a lower price. Sometimes it’s worth paying more for a handyman with more experience and specific work skills.

  7. 7.References

    Contact the references you received to discuss the services of each handyman. Ask specific questions about the quality of the work, the skills of the handyman, promptness of service, reliability and overall satisfaction with each company. Inquire about any specific issues or problems encountered with each company. If possible, visit homes where a handyman has performed services to enable you to view the work.

  8. 8.Contracting for Service

    Once you settle on a handyman, iron out a clear and concise contract for service that covers all the work, both one-time and ongoing services. Include a complete breakdown of the services, who will provide materials and tools, the timeframe of the services and a payment schedule. The contract should describe any work guarantees to ensure that you have a remedy for resolving issues. Both parties must sign the contract.

  9. 9.Supervising the Work

    Stay attuned to the handyman’s work in and around your home to ensure it proceeds according to your desires. If the handyman works on a project, supervise and monitor the work to ensure its timely completion. If the company performs ongoing maintenance or repairs, keep tabs on the work to make certain that you’re satisfied with the services. If problems or issues occur, discuss the issues quickly to resolve them. The handyman company should be willing to make adjustments to the services to guarantee your satisfaction.

  10. 10.Pro Referral

    If hiring a handyman sounds like about as much work as you’d spend fixing your kitchen sink or hanging new shelves in the garage, look to Pro Referral for help. Stop stretching yourself thin – hire a good handyman to take care of your household to-do list. With a handyman taking care of these details, you’ll be able to focus on other responsibilities.

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