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10 Expectations from a Good Lawn Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 10 Expectations from a Good Lawn Service
10 Expectations from a Good Lawn Service

A nicely manicured lawn and landscape contributes significantly to the overall appearance of your home. When you want to ensure that your property has a neat and well-kept look, you’ll be spending time each week mowing, trimming and tending your landscape.


If taking this time to tend your lawn isn’t possible, it’s time to hire a good lawn service. Once you find a reputable and trustworthy lawn service, you can cross lawn care off your list of responsibilities because the company you hire will keep your lawn neat for you.


Just what can you expect from a lawn care service? Good question – it’s important to set your expectations accordingly so that the company you hire will deliver the lawn care you want.

  1. 1.Determine Your Needs

    Take a walk around your property to determine what you need and want from a lawn care service. Maybe you just need mowing once a week or your needs might be a little more complicated. Perhaps you need trimming around perimeters and landscaping areas. Add in weeding and maintenance if you’ve got flowerbeds throughout your landscape. Don’t forget fertilizing, thatching, aerating and even pest control as periodic services that your landscape might require to keep it looking its best. Make a checklist of every service you want performed in your landscape so you don’t forget anything.

  2. 2.Search and Interview

    With your service checklist in hand, begin searching for local companies that offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services. Ask neighbors and friends for personal recommendations, if possible. Search local papers and even business bulletin boards for information about local companies. Once you find several prospects, contact them and set up interviews with at least three different companies that have been in business for at least five years, to ensure that you find an experienced and reputable company.

  3. 3.Ask Questions

    During the interviews, ask each company representative about specific experience. If your lawn or landscape has particular needs, such as a prairie restoration or other requirements, ask about a company’s familiarity with maintaining a landscape similar to yours. Inquire about each company’s lawn care philosophy and methods – some companies subscribe to environmentally friendly lawn care and others do not. Find a company that matches your own philosophies. Ask about insurance held by each company – liability and workman’s compensation insurance are requirements to protect you from loss from damage or injury. Ask if a company offers soil testing to help you improve your soil or maintain it properly. Request references from any company you consider hiring.

  4. 4.Getting Estimates

    Request estimates from each company – any reputable company should be willing to examine your landscape and provide you with a comprehensive estimate that covers all work included with the service. Check through each estimate to make certain it covers all the services you need performed. Ask companies about price guarantees, also.

  5. 5.References

    Call each reference to speak with current or former clients. Ask about the timeliness of the work, the quality, the price and the responsiveness of the professionals. If possible, visit properties from previous projects to see the real results of the lawn care service provided by the company.

  6. 6.Balancing Quality and Price

    It’s likely that you will receive both low and high estimates for your landscape work. Although you may feel tempted to choose a lower estimate, this might not be a wise decision because quality may suffer with a lower price. Instead, balance price and quality by choosing an experienced company that returned a median estimate – neither too high nor too low.

  7. 7.Service Schedule

    Before committing to a lawn care service, agree to a specific service schedule that meets with your needs and desires. If you prefer that the service occur only when you are home, arrange it accordingly. Make sure the company has the availability to perform the landscape service at the times you need it. If you have specific needs, such as landscaping prior to a party, for example, arrange this with the company as well.

  8. 8.Contracting for Service

    Never hire a landscaping company without a detailed contract that covers every detail of the services performed. The contract must also include service frequency, times, work included at each visit, materials included with the service and a payment schedule. Both you and the service company must sign the contract.

  9. 9.Inspecting the Work

    After the company provides lawn maintenance to your landscape, inspect it carefully to ensure the work is acceptable. Check mowing quality, trimming neatness, weeding, watering and any other services to guarantee that the company provided everything covered in the contract. If any issues or problems arise, communicate immediately and directly with the company to resolve the problem. A reputable company should be willing to resolve issues proactively.

  10. 10.Pro Referral

    Instead of navigating the hiring process yourself to find a landscape service company, allow Pro Referral to assist you. Whether you need help to transform your entire yard or just to keep up on the mowing, we can help you connect with landscapers in your neighborhood. We’ll match you with the most qualified providers, then you can compare their profiles and choose a few to contact for pricing.


    Cross lawn care concerns off your list by hiring a professional company who will step in and perform these tasks for you to keep your landscape looking beautiful all year-round.

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