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10 Expectations From a Good Power Washing Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Pressure Washing > 10 Expectations From a Good Power Washing Service
10 Expectations From a Good Power Washing Service

As a homeowner, there may be several different reasons to consider hiring a power washing service. From cleaning a patio or pool area, to pressure washing your siding or roof, a professional service company can make simple work out of jobs like these.


Cut through the grime or buildup around your home or property by hiring a professional pressure washing company. As a novice, you might even do more harm than good if you try to tackle this work yourself. Instead of spending time and money on rental equipment, put your money where you’ll get the best results.

  1. 1.Prescreening

    Before you hire a power washing company, prescreen several different professionals to find a company that will fit your needs. Ask about licensing to ensure that companies adhere to local regulations. A company should be willing to prove licensing by letting you see the required licenses. Ask about insurance – both liability and workman’s compensation – to protect against loss from damage and injuries. Ask for references, call these clients to find out about a power washing company’s service records. Prescreen at least three different companies to find the best company for you.

  2. 2.Estimates

    Ask for a detailed estimate from any company to give you information about costs. Once you receive estimates, find out whether the contractor guarantees the estimate or whether the price could change in the future. Don’t automatically choose the lowest estimate you receive – sometimes more experienced companies are worth paying for the additional price.

  3. 3.Environmental Friendliness

    The wastewater discharge from the power washing needs to go somewhere. Check into local environmental regulations and find out if power wash companies adhere to these regulations. Some municipalities prohibit wastewater from discharging into storm drains, so if a power washing service does not adhere to regulations, you could be responsible for this violation.

    Find out how a power wash company handles discharges to septic tanks, sanitary sewer and even surface water to ensure that the company practices environmentally responsible services.

  4. 4.Equipment and Products

    Ask questions about the type of equipment and products a power washing company uses. Some cleaning products contain dangerous or hazardous substances, which can create a potentially hazardous situation with the wastewater produced from the power washing process. In addition, many cleaners actually damage some surfaces or landscaping areas, so make sure a company uses cleaning products that will not damage your paved surfaces, your plants or your siding.


    A power washing company should use professional-grade tools that will produce effective cleaning results. Ask specific questions about the equipment to ensure that it will provide optimal results without damaging your surfaces.

  5. 5.Safety

    Find out about a power washing service company’s safety record and safety precautions. This equipment can be extremely dangerous, resulting in injuries with misuse. Accidents can happen both with the water and with electrical connections necessary for the operation of the equipment. Professional companies should be able to provide you with evidence of a strong safety record as an indicator of careful work and safety precautions.

  6. 6.Skills and Proficiency

    Pressure washing companies provide the homeowner with the benefit of skills and proficiency with the pressure washing service. As a homeowner, the equipment you might rent will not be the same professional grade and you probably don’t have the same experience with using these tools. By hiring a professional company, you also have the assurance that the work will be done correctly to produce the results you want for your home and for the environment as well.

  7. 7.Planning the Project

    As you speak with a power washing service, discuss the entire project to communicate your needs and desires. This will ensure that the company understands the work and it will enable the company to create a project plan. Check a project plan prior to commencing any work to ensure that both you and the company understand the task.

  8. 8.Pre-cleaning

    A company may use a dry pre-cleaning process prior to power washing your home. This involves dry absorbent chemicals that will help remove oil spots. The company should also remove all dry dirt and debris from the area before using the power washing equipment. Ask about the disposal of pre-cleaning materials to find out whether this is included with your project price.

  9. 9.Wastewater Disposal Method

    Companies may use various wastewater collection and disposal methods. The company may cover storm drains to seal them off and then collect the wastewater in a container placed over the drain. Some power washing equipment has a vacuum boom attached that sucks up the wastewater. Other companies set up a temporary containment pool to collect the water for later disposal. Find out how the company you use collects and disposes of wastewater.

  10. 10.Pro Referral

    Minimize the fuss and hassle by letting Pro Referral help you with your pressure washing job. You can submit a work request for pressure washing through Pro Referral that details the power washing project. Pro Referral will analyze your request and provide a list of possible professionals who you might hire to complete the work. Each Pro is background checked and licensed and insured so that you can hire with confidence. Read the customer reviews, credentials, and business profiles of all of our Pros and let a qualified professional turn a difficult project into a completed one!


    Spend your effort hiring the best power washing company, not hassling with the equipment yourself. By hiring a professional, you can appreciate knowing that your project will be in the best of hands, completed by a company that has the skills, experience and equipment necessary to do the job.

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