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Expectations from a Good Window Repair Service

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Expectations from a Good Window Repair Service
Expectations from a Good Window Repair Service

Over time, windows get extensive use and abuse, not only from family members, but also from the elements. When your windows need work, give prompt attention to these issues to protect your home’s energy efficiency and appearance.


Instead of hiring the first company you find on the Internet, put some thought into your expectations from a good window repair service. A company with suitable experience and skills should ensure the best window repair results. If you choose the wrong professional, the final results might lead you to regret your hiring choice for years.

  1. 1.Assess Your Needs

    Before you can hire a window professional, examine your house to assess your window repair needs. Some window repairs are probably within your abilities to repair yourself, such as screen repairs. Other issues will require professional services to ensure that the repair work is completed professionally and correctly. Make a list of the necessary repairs in order to include each task in the work estimates you receive from professionals.

  2. 2.Benefits of a Professional

    Although you might save money performing your own window repairs, there are benefits of hiring a professional. A window repair company has the tools and expertise necessary to work swiftly and expertly on your windows. Even screen repairs can benefit from the hand of a professional if you don’t have the necessary tools or the ability to perform the work correctly. Hiring a professional ensures that the window work is completed in a timely fashion on your behalf

  3. 3.Benefits of Repair

    If you have an older home with historic windows, it’s beneficial to repair windows instead of replacing them. Repairing older windows can be affordable and it also enhances the energy efficiency throughout your home. In addition, repairing windows instead of replacing them eliminates needless waste of materials from the old windows you might remove and discard.

    Other benefits of repairing old windows include preserving the old and higher quality wood of the historic frames. In addition, older windows actually fit the openings precisely. If you purchase new replacement windows, you may need to order custom models to fit an irregular window opening.

  4. 4.Experience Counts

    The window repair service you choose should have extensive experience in window repair to ensure quality results. Before making any appointments to interview a window repair service, ask specific questions about the length of time in business and the amount of experience fixing your particular windows to guarantee that you find a company with the correct type of experience.

  5. 5.Specialty Windows

    Windows vary in shape, style and design. Find a window repair service that specializes in your window type, for best results. For example, fixing skylights or bay windows is significantly different than fixing standard double-hung windows. A contractor who undertakes repair of specialty windows without proper knowledge and expertise of the job could result in water damage and wood decay.

  6. 6.Setting up Interviews

    After ascertaining your window repair needs and finding a few companies you might hire, call each company to set up interviews. Invite each professional to your home to inspect the windows first-hand and to give you input and recommendations for repair. As you speak with each company representative, you should hear confidence and expertise about the work involved in the window repair. Get estimates from each company so you can compare the prices and services of the companies you interview.

  7. 7.Questions to Ask

    Ask each company about tools and materials used for work projects. Find out a projected timeline for the work. Ask about insurance – both liability and workman’s compensation – in the event damage or injuries occur during the work. Inquire about licensing to ensure that the company adheres to local requirements for window repair license. Ask for information about satisfaction guarantees on the repair work. Request at least three references from each company in order to contact former clients for their opinions on the quality of service conducted.

  8. 8.References

    Call each reference with specific questions about the window repair service. Find out about the overall satisfaction with the work. Ask about timeliness of the service and whether the contractor performed work according to the contract. If possible, visit sites of repair work to enable you to view the contractor’s finished work.

  9. 9.Contracting the Work

    After examining each estimate, choose the contractor that fits your needs and budget. Remember, the lowest bid shouldn’t be your automatic choice – sometimes you have to pay a little more to ensure that the work you receive is high quality. Before proceeding with any work, iron out a detailed contract that includes a full description of the work, the timetable for service, the materials used for the repairs and the price and pay schedule. Both you and the contractor must sign and date the contract.

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