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10 Garden Plants that Soak Up the Summer Sun

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 10 Garden Plants that Soak Up the Summer Sun
10 Garden Plants that Soak Up the Summer Sun

Wanting a beautiful summer garden is one thing. Having the time and the gardening knowledge to find the plants you need to make it so is another. Buying plants that need more care and maintenance than you have the time to provide or getting those that will not do well in your soil or climatic conditions can leave your garden looking unkempt and uncared for, despite your best efforts. And that can ruin what would otherwise be a beautiful summer.


Summer plants should not only be those that grow well in the warm weather, they should be those that give your garden the color, brightness and aura that makes you feel good. The plants you choose should be those that will thrive in your climatic and soil conditions and which will need only the amount of care that you are in a position to provide them. And the garden you have should complement the look of your home. Knowing what kind of plants will grow well where you live and finding suppliers of quality plants is a major factor in ensuring that you have a summer garden you can be proud of. Here are some golden plants ideas for your garden this summer.

  1. 1.Roses – Hot Cocoa Rose

    The Hot Cocoa Rose can be the centerpiece of any garden. The rich chocolate colored blooms are unique in color and have a dramatic effect when grown against the backdrop of a white fence or wall. They also look striking when grown along with apricot or tangerine colored roses. The thick velvety flowers are long lasting and have a sweet spicy scent that when used in flower arrangements can fill a room with a pleasant odor. The plant itself is a hardy one that will tolerate slightly harsh growing conditions.

  2. 2.Rose Glow

    Rose Glow Barberries are extremely versatile landscape plants that will grow in a garden, along a building foundation and in hedges. It makes a dense ground cover for large open areas. Rose Glow has variegated leaves of purple and pink which turn to a vibrant red in the fall. In April and May small clusters of miniature yellow flowers appear to add brightness to the plant. The Rose Glow does best in bright sun but will grow in partly shaded conditions also. The plant will grow in many soil types, as long as the earth is well drained. They are mildly drought resistant.

  4. 3.Sunray

    The Sunray will add vibrant color to a garden throughout summer. The large yellow flowers begin to appear in the spring and will continue to bloom till the end of summer. The plant is easy to grow and requires no specialized care, making it a sterling option for those who are beginners at gardening. Spent flowers, however, need to be removed regularly so as to make room for new blooms. The plant will grow in most soil types as long as the drainage is operable.

  5. 4.Little Carlow

    Little Carlow is a type of Aster that offers a most attractive pale blue flower with an almost translucent ultraviolet effect. It is a hardy plant that grows best in full sun or in part shade. It does not need any special soil as long as the earth is not very dry. The dome shaped bush, if repeated, can make a very attractive border. The flowers continue to bloom till October and attract both bees and butterflies.

  6. 5.Butterfly Blush

    The Butterfly Blush is a variety of the Gaura plant. The plants are shaped like a bushy compact mound and have loose bunches of delicate pink flowers that look like butterflies – hence the name. The Butterfly Blush is a perennial, so it can be used as such, although the flowering season is from summer to fall. The plants grow well in containers. The plant does well in both full sun and partial shade and needs normal, clay, or sandy soil that is well drained with a medium moisture level.

  7. 6.Bluebeard Shrub

    The Bluebeard Shrub looks it best in late summer when the light airy clusters of delicate blue flowers appear. The plants works well not only on its own but as a softer counterpoint to more brightly colored and bigger blooms by offering an interesting contrast. The plant attracts both bees and butterflies and also makes a fabulous cut flower. The shrubs grow up to 4 feet tall and require very little maintenance, needing only a lot of sun and well-drained soil.

  8. 7.Day Lilies

    Day Lilies make very tremendous flower borders or ground cover to fill up large open spaces. These are perennials that survive the winter well and bloom all summer long. There are a range of colors available and the blooms last for just one day, which is why they have this name.

  10. 8.Sweet Peas

    The Sweet Pea is ideal for those who want a bright summer climbing plant for their garden. With the right support the plant can grow to over 6 feet in height. The purple flowers look especially attractive against pale backgrounds such as walls.

  11. 9.Black Eyed Susan

    The Black Eyed Susan is an upright annual plant that grows to 39 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The name comes from the black center of the yellow flowers that appear in late summer and early fall. A great deal of breeding has produced a variety of color options. This hardy plant grows well in full to partial sun and in well-drained soil.

  12. 10.Purple Coneflower

    The Purple coneflower gets its name from its purple cone shaped flowers. The plant grows up to 47 inches in height and the blooms are available throughout spring and summer. Although it does best on sandy soil, it will grow in most soil conditions as long as the drainage is decent.


    There is no time like the summer to enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful garden. Finding the right plants – the ones that will look the best and grow well in the soil and climate conditions of your area – can be time consuming and complicated, even for the experienced gardener. RedBeacon offer you a way to get all that you need in less than a minute. That’s the time it takes to go to the RedBeacon website and register your requirements. Once you do that, RedBeacon will contact plant suppliers in their extensive database, verify their current reviews, check if they can meet your schedule and send you their bids.


Once you choose the suppliers you want, the plants will be delivered to you as per your schedule. The RedBeacon guarantee means that you can be sure of getting only the best quality plants. And if you should have any problems, you have 24 hours to contact RedBeacon to stop payment. In additions, the experienced customer care team is available to you, at no charge, to answer any questions and provide any help you may need.

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