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10 Home Additions Your Kids Will Love

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > 10 Home Additions Your Kids Will Love
10 Home Additions Your Kids Will Love

Getting a patio repaired or a kitchen remodeled may be a practical way of spending money to maintain your home. But while practical is important, it not all there is to life. The importance of being practical and sensible increases as we age. For the young, fun and adventure are more important than being practical and having good sense. And that is the way it should be. Being a kid is all about having fun and learning. They both go hand in hand. There is no better way of learning the importance of wearing protective gear than falling off a skateboard and skinning up your elbow.


Anyway, to get back to the point, why not keep your children’s interest in focus when you plan your next remodel? The home is the kids’ too, and they have as much right to enjoy it as you do, even if the things they do are incomprehensible! The fun they have and the memories they carry forward into adulthood are treasures that will be with them always.

  1. 1.Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

    Additions for kids are always a good thing. But don’t forget how fast they grow up and their interests change.

    The additions you can put in for your kids depend on your budget, the space available and your kids’ interests. It could be something as simple as a basic tree house to something as complex as a full size swimming pool or a skateboard park. Whatever be your constraints, the look on your kids’ faces when they see the additions that have been made especially for them, with no strings attached or “practical” compromises, will always be worth the expense.


    Besides your own ideas, a solid and outstanding remodeling contractor will be able to help you come up with various additions that the kids will love. Their experience will give them all kinds of ideas and concepts that may not have occurred to you. Choosing a qualified and experienced contractor to implement and design these additions is important not only for their ideas but also to ensure the quality of this work and its durability. A basic principle of any home remodeling is never to try and save a few dollars by going in for a cheap contractor. The defects in the finished work will cost you much more in the long run. Quality does not come cheap.


    To find professional home remodeling contractors in your area to do your renovation, remodeling, and additions work, check out the information and available professionals online, using a prolific search engine. The professionals you will find listed there will not only ensure that you obtain the value for the money you spend, proportionately, they will also be able to help you to attain the additions that best meet what you want to give to your children.

  3. 2.Home Additions for Kids

    1. It is an old traditional but still hard to beat – the tree house. From a simple platform with 4 walls and a roof to an elaborate structure that has multiple rooms and an electric supply to run all the toys and games installed in it, anything is possible. Of course, the height of a tree house does pose some risk, but that is one of the things that children love about them. A competent contractor will be able to build a secure tree house with the maximum of safety features.


    2. If a tree house is too dangerous or there isn’t a suitable tree in your backyard, what about a play house? Being on the ground and not high in a tree, can be a little safer. Here too the type of play house and the features it has can be designed to match your budget, your kid’s interests, and the space available. The great thing about tree houses and play houses is that they keep the kids, along with the noise and mess they make, outside the home- which is nice for you. And they also keep the grownups away from the children, which is what the kids want.


    3. Who loves a swimming pool? The answer is almost everyone and that goes especially for kids. It a superlative and tremendous way for the kids to have fun, stay occupied, and burn off all that extra energy which would otherwise keep you on your toes. While an in-ground pool will set you back tens of thousands of dollars, a simple above ground one will be just a few hundred. Just keep in mind that the type of pool you have is, for the kids, an indicator of how cool you are as parents.


    4. While on the subject of swimming pools, what about a backyard skate park that doubles as a swimming pool? Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and kids of all ages want to get into this cool sport. A skate park is a “wow” addition by itself, but when it is designed to also be a swimming pool in season, it’s something really special. You have to be careful about this though because you could be liable if one of their friends gets hurt.


    5. If you are looking for something different and your kids like adventure games and stories why not add some secret entrances and passageways to your home? There are companies that specialize in secret entrances and passages under staircases and behind bookcases and other pieces of big, heavy furniture. Any kids who love Harry Potter will love these – their imaginations will enable them to invent countless games they can play using these additions.


    6. All children love to act and have a flair for the dramatic. An outdoor theater will allow and encourage them to show off their talents to the world. These can be quite expensive, but a lot depends on the size and features you want to add. If you think you have a budding movie or rock star at home, this is the perfect way to nurture his or her talents. And all kids will benefit from the boost in self-confidence that being on stage – even a play one – gives them.


    7. Rock climbing walls are fun for all ages – you could try out your hand, if you feel up to it! These walls need to be built by a contractor with experience in them to ensure that they are okay for kid to use and incorporate all the needed safety features. Children as young as 5 can play on these walls.


    8. While model trains are typically boys toys, that kind of gender bias is rapidly becoming outdated and there are lots of girls who love them too. A large garden railroad can be expensive, but once a child gets hooked on them it often become a hobby for life. The best thing about garden railroads is that because you can keep adding to them and making modifications over time, they never get stale or boring. The only downside of these additions is that often the parents monopolize them and the kids don’t have a chance.


    9. A simple addition that is fun for a wide age range and also offers a great way to exercise is an in-ground trampoline. Being at ground level, the dangers of injury that can be caused by falling off an above ground trampoline are greatly reduced. Additionally with an in-ground one there is no unsightly structure to ruin the look of your garden. And if you have a portable dance floor that can be placed on top of it, the adults can have fun after the kids stop playing.


    10. All kids like aquariums. From the bright colors and movement that catches a toddler’s attention to the fascination that fish in captive environment seems to have for older children, an aquarium will please children (and most adults) of all ages. A large wall model can be expensive but this is an addition that is not only for the kids. A well designed wall aquarium can add immensely to the character and look of your home. But you to make sure your kids do not bang on it and possibly break the glass.

  4. 3.Kids Grow Up Fast

    Additions for kids are always a good thing. But don’t forget how fast they grow up and their interests change. When you are putting in additions that are dedicated to them, think a few years down the road when choosing what you are going to do. Spending money on a play house for a child who is going to become a Tween in a year is a waste. The best years to get your kids a play house if when they are about 5 – they will derive years of fun from it. But a swimming pool, a basketball court (not mentioned above; it can be a half court with an adjustable rim), or a tree house will always be fun throughout their young adolescent years.

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