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10 Home Modifications for a Dog Lover

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Home Modifications for a Dog Lover
10 Home Modifications for a Dog Lover

Dogs and man have a special relationship that goes back to the beginning of time. Both species have evolved over the eons to where today man’s best friend is an important part of many homes. Your house is as much your dog’s home as it is yours. Making a few modifications to the house will make life easier for both man and dog. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself and your pet happy. If you have specific issues that need to be addressed or want to have the modifications done professionally, you will find information on equipment suppliers, animal experts, and contractors in your area who will be able to provide you the assistance and services you need online via a legitimate and time saving search engine.

  1. 1.Flooring

    Dogs can be tough on floors – scratches and paw marks are a part of everyday life. Tiles are scratch resistant and easy to clean but few homeowners want the whole house to be tiled. Hardwood flooring are the next best option as it stands up well to doggy use and is also easy to clean. Soft wood which dents easily is not a good idea. Avoid over waxing and polishing your floors. Dogs do not like slippery surfaces and if your pet slips on a slick surface he could hurt himself and bang into furniture and cause damage. And carpeting, which traps dirt, fur and the dog smell, should be avoided as far as possible.

  2. 2.Walkways

    A gravel walkway that your dog will have to walk on before entering the house is a fabulous way to scrub mud and dirt from his paws. Fine gravel is best but avoid superfine because the minute stones can get trapped in the dig’s paws. If a gravel walkway is not possible, a hard concrete or stone walkway is the next best thing. Walking a few steps on this will knock a lot of the accumulated dirt off the dog’ paws without them even knowing it.

  3. 3.Doggy Doors

    If you have a yard where your dog is allowed to roam freely, a doggy door is a fantastic and poignant way to give them the freedom to move in and out without requiring you to keep opening and shutting doors for him or her. The best time to train a dog to use it is when he is a puppy, but make sure the door is big enough to allow him to pass through freely when he is fully grown. Most dog doors have a flap the dog can just push through. Getting one with an additional hinged wooden flap that can be closed and locked will prevent your dog from leaving the house when he is not supposed to and also keep other animals from getting in when the house is empty.


    If you live outside the city though, be careful about these. You do not want a bobcat, skunk, fox, raccoon, and so on from entering your home. That is not a pleasant situation to have.

  5. 4.Furniture

    Dogs love comfortable chairs and sofas as much as humans. If you are willing to allow your dog to climb onto your furniture it needs to be dog proof. Avoid white or light colored upholstery since every paw mark will show. Pale shades are okay if you have patterns which will hide the signs of dog use. Leather, both natural and faux, is a good option as it will not absorb stains and can be wiped clean easily. Also it will not absorb dog odors. Whatever material you decide to use, make sure that the finish is not rough – the dog’s claws will catch in the fabric and cause it to tear or puncture. Using slipcovers is a very practical option. Sets of different slipcovers will allow you to change the look of a room easily and when they become dirty all you need to do is throw them in the washing machine. Also minimize the amount of wiring for lamps etc. that is on the floor. These are easy for dogs to trip over and puppies love to chew on them.

  6. 5.Dog Beds

    A nice comfortable dog bed will make your dog happy. It will not just be a place to sleep, but over time a place of his own where he can go to hang out. The more the dog uses the bed the better, as the hair and the dirt that he leaves behind him will be limited, to a great extent, to the bed and the area around it, leaving the rest of the house cleaner. Even the cleanest of dogs leave a smell behind them so make sure that the cushions and blankets that you use for the bed are washable.

  7. 6.The Eating Place

    Dogs do not have the best table manners. They splash water and drop food. Designating a fixed place to keep their food and water bowls will limit the mess to just a small area. And if this place is tiled, cleaning up after your dog has his meal will be a snap.

  8. 7.Ramps and Stairs

    If you have a small breed or an old dog, think about his access to places around the house. Climbing stairs can be a problem so try and keep all his things on the lower level so that he does not have to strain his back and legs on the stairs. You could also think of ramps and steps to allow him to comfortably get on and off furniture that he is allowed to use – such as your bed, couch, large lazy chair, and so on. Small dogs injuring their back and legs while jumping off furniture is common.

  10. 8.Walls and Paint

    Big dogs tend to slobber a lot. And this drool does not just fall on the floor. The dog can shake it off on to walls. Rough paint will trap the drool and be difficult to clean. Wallpaper too can be a problem if it is not damp resistant and absorbs the drool. The best solution is to use smooth paint on the walls that is easy to wipe down and which will not absorb stains.

  11. 9.A Cleanup Station

    Set up a dog post and clean up station near the entrance to your house. This is where you can keep collars, leashes, and any other outdoor apparel that may be used. It will keep the house clean and tidy. This is where tissues and paw wipes should be kept so that you can clean up his paws and wipe any dirt off his coat after a walk. Towels to dry him off if he becomes wet will keep him from getting a chill and prevent him from leaving wet patches around the house.

  12. 10.Create the Right Atmosphere

    This is not a physical modification but a mental one. Dogs tune in to the moods of their owners and a tense home will make the dog uneasy. Making the effort the keep the home clam and peaceful will not only make your dog happier and more comfortable, its ideal, fabulous, and necessary for all the humans who live there too.


    Your dog is as much a part of your family as everyone else. Whatever love and attention you give him is nothing compared to the unconditional love he or she gives you. Making a few modifications to your home to make it better place for him is a small gesture towards repaying the joy and happiness he brings to the home.

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