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10 Home Modifications to Entertain Holiday Guests

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > 10 Home Modifications to Entertain Holiday Guests
10 Home Modifications to Entertain Holiday Guests

Filling your home with friends and family can make the holiday extra special and enjoyable for everyone. That is, as long as your house is equipped to handle the extra holiday cheer – and bodies. When “the more the merrier” is the theme, make sure your house is ready to handle the crowd.


The Energy Star website provides a comprehensive overview of the entire home improvement process, from choosing the improvements, to financing it to getting the work done. There are many things to consider, so don’t make any avoidable mistakes that could cost you time and money. With 10 home modifications to entertain holiday guests, your home will be ready for whatever you demand of it. A merry holiday should be in store for everyone.

  1. 1.Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

    No matter how comfortable and attractive the rest of your house is, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also where the food is and where all those delicious smells are originating. Guests naturally congregate in the kitchen, so it’s advantageous to make your kitchen as guest-friendly as possible. A kitchen island can be a huge step in making this happen. With a kitchen island, your work area will be in the center of the room. This will enable you to face your guests while you work on prep, cooking or doing the dishes. If you make a seating area on the other side of your island, all the better for visiting with guests while you work in the kitchen.

  2. 2.Trash Compactor

    Trash Compactor

    A house full of people makes a lot of trash. With a trash compactor installed in the kitchen, you can reduce the mountain of trash down to a manageable size by compacting it tightly before disposing of it. A trash compactor also reduces the amount of work you’ll perform as you collect trash for disposal. By tossing all the throw-aways directly into the trash compactor in the kitchen, taking the trash to the curb will be a fast and easy task.

  3. 3.Lighting


    An overhaul of the lighting throughout your house can be nothing but positive. Install new task lighting in the kitchen to brighten the room and make it easier to prepare and cook meals. Suddenly the work of preparing and cooking food becomes easier and more pleasant when you can see what you’re doing. Ambient and mood lighting throughout the house will add to the charm and attractiveness of the rooms. Install dimmers in overhead lights so you can adjust the lights to fit the mood of the gathering. Consider installing energy-efficient lighting also to reduce your energy use – good for the wallet!

  5. 4.Built-in Seating

    Built-in Seating

    A little creativity can make seating easier to fit into a small space. Cushioned benches in a breakfast nook or along a counter or island can add to the amount of seating you have to offer in a confined area. An “L-shaped” island instead of a rectangular island might enable an “L-shaped” bench along one edge of the island. Pair this bench with a table and you suddenly have an expanded seating area.

  6. 5.Bathroom Update

    Bathroom Update

    Your bathroom will see heavy use when you’ve got a houseful of people visiting. If possible, examine your bathrooms with a critical eye before the guests arrive and prepare to make some important updates. A new toilet, sink and fixtures would breathe fresh life into a worn bathroom. These projects are straightforward enough for many homeowners to accomplish without hiring an expert. Consider a fresh coat of paint on the walls or even updating the medicine chest to finish the bathroom overhaul.

  7. 6.Guestroom Makeover

    Guestroom Makeover

    Your guests’ comfort will be an important consideration, so make some improvements to your guestroom before company arrives. New linens on the bed, new fluffy towels, a new coverlet on the bed and a few extra throws tossed over the foot of the bed would be welcome additions for guests. Replace lamps, change out old pictures on the walls and add a few comforts to the room that guests will appreciate. Books, a basket of fruit, and a few toiletry items such as lotion, toothpaste and shampoo can make your guests’ stay more pleasant.

  8. 7.Fireplace Upgrade

    Fireplace Upgrade

    Fireplaces can become dated quickly. If the mantle and hearth of your fireplace looks old, consider replacing these fixtures to update your fireplace. A new mantle with classic molding and clean lines could do wonders for a dated fireplace. Consider painting techniques for brick to brighten and give the surface a more natural appearance. Even new glass doors can update a fireplace and give it a more attractive appearance. Paint the wall behind the fireplace a vibrant color to offset it attractively and add drama to this focal point of the room.

  9. 8.Flooring


    Replacing the flooring in your home is a guaranteed modification that will add beauty to your home. Hardwoods are popular – both natural and synthetic materials can add a boost to your interior rooms dramatically. Tiles are another option, especially in the entryway, kitchen and bathroom. If you already have attractive flooring, consider a new area rug to add pop to any room. Replace bedroom carpeting with new and plush carpet for everyone’s comfort.

  11. 9.Paint


    You may be amazed how much a can of paint can do for a room. Relatively inexpensive and simple to apply, by investing in paint you can transform ho-hum rooms into vibrant and energetic rooms. Choose your color palette carefully to ensure that you create the spaces you want. Warm hues such as orange, brown and gold can create an inviting atmosphere in the living room or den. Cooler colors such as blues and greens can make over a kitchen or bath with invigorating energy. Don’t forget to coordinate the trim colors to finish up the painting tasks.

  12. 10.Freshen Living Room Décor

    Freshen Living Room Décor

    A living room can become a little old and tired, even within a year or two of redecorating. When you want to make significant changes without a lot of expense or effort, cast an eye on the fabrics of the room. Replace curtains and draperies, throw pillows, comforters and area rugs to breathe fresh life into a living room. Switch out the pictures and paintings on the walls with new and interesting artwork. Replace floor lamps and table lamps with new ones to continue the redecorating. If the furniture is getting you down and you don’t have the budget for new pieces, consider slipcovers to give the furniture a new lease on life.


    As you can see, home modifications need not be crazy expensive or extensive to make a big impact on your home. Your guests will appreciate your effort as you spend quality time with family and friends during the holidays. Swing by the Red Beacon website for more home improvement suggestions and tips, too.

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