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10 Luxury Pool Upgrades

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Pool and Hot Tub > 10 Luxury Pool Upgrades
10 Luxury Pool Upgrades

A swimming pool on your property – whether an outdoor pool in the backyard or even an indoor pool inside your home – can be a pleasant spot to relax with friends and family or to exercise. Why not make your luxury pool as attractive and enjoyable as possible with pool upgrades that will increase its benefits?


As you plan your pool upgrade, visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for important information about making improvements to a residence. Whether or not you intend to finance your pool upgrades, you will still need to hire a contractor to perform the upgrade work.


With 10 luxury pool upgrades, your updated swimming pool can serve your family for many years to come.

  1. 1.Fountains and Waterfalls

    Adding interesting water features to your pool can increase your enjoyment exponentially. Moving water provides interest as well as sounds, which can add to the spa-like experience as you use the pool. Create an additional area for water features that will complement the swimming pool. Optimally, the fountain or waterfall will connect with the pool. The waterfall could empty into the pool at one point or the fountain could sit at a point where you and your family will be able to see and hear the water moving in the fountain.

  2. 2.Shade Structures

    Construct attractive shade structures over the pool to make it more enjoyable and comfortable for swimmers. With a part of the pool shaded with a shade structure, you eliminate the worry of sun exposure and you also make the pool more comfortable during extreme heat and sun. The shade structure might be an umbrella-type design, a sail design suspended over an area of the pool or it could be a more natural tiki or pergola design.

  3. 3.Statues

    Make a bold statement with a statue in or near the pool area. A statue can feature any type of design or architecture that appeals to you. The statue could also be a part of a fountain or waterfall area. Create a seating area around a statue to incorporate the statue into the rest of the swimming pool design.

  5. 4.Beach Entry

    With its zero-depth, a beach affords swimmers the luxury of gradually entering the water, staying shallow or continuing to wade into the water until they are fully submerged. By incorporating a beach entry in your pool, you afford swimmers the same experience. Beach entry can be ideal for children to provide an area where they can splash and play in the shallow water. Beach entry also gives adults wading options when they don’t wish to swim completely. Consider adding shallow bubbler fountains at the beach entry as well to add interest and a play feature for children.

  6. 5.Natural Features

    Instead of a standard geometric rectangle or oval shape of a pool, opt for a more natural shape with curves and angles that simulate nature. Add a stone deck and other stone features as well such as caves, grottos, islands and rock formations to create an even more natural landscape in and around your pool. A grotto or cave made with either real or synthetic rock formations can help you create a pleasant nook for swimming. It’s even possible to create a waterfall feature in conjunction with the grotto or cave. You can sit under the grotto and have water cascade down one side of the rocks.

  7. 6.Automatic Cover

    An automatic cover installs unobtrusively inside the pool. When you want to use the pool, push a button and the cover slides quickly out of place to expose the water. When you are not using the pool, another push of the button slides the automatic pool cover easily back into place over the pool. The automatic cover can keep pool water cleaner because it protects the pool from debris. The automatic cover also keeps people out of the pool when it’s not time for swimming.

  8. 7.Poolside Bar

    What could be better than enjoying refreshment while in the pool? A poolside bar that sits right on the edge of the pool makes it possible to get a refreshing drink without even leaving the water. Go ahead and kick back with your drink while sitting on bar stools sunken in the water for an enjoyable resort-style feature in your pool.

  10. 8.Hot Tub

    Add an additional hot tub or Jacuzzi pool to the main pool area to create a rejuvenating and relaxing spot for swimmers. The hot tub could be nestled into a grotto or cave area with a waterfall cascading nearby for total enjoyment. Situate the poolside bar near the hot tub as well and you have created a spot that is sure to be a favorite of friends and family.

  11. 9.Slide

    Add a feature like a slide that will appeal to the young and young-at heart. Pool slides can have designs that incorporate with the rest of your pool features. For example, if you have a natural pool with rock formations and a grotto or cave, the slide could be an added feature that attaches to these formations, made out of the same natural materials.

  12. 10.Vanishing Edge

    A vanishing edge on a pool can be a luxury upgrade that gives your pool the illusion of continuing or never ending along one side or edge. With the edge of the pool beneath the water surface, the water runs over the edge into a basin below the edge of the pool. The result is twofold. First, the eye moves beyond the edge of the pool to the horizon, making it appear that the pool edge is invisible. Secondly, as the water continually moves over the edge of the pool into the catch basin below, there are constant, gentle water sounds to add ambiance to your pool area.


    With luxury as your goal for your swimming pool, you have many different options that will enhance the pool. You can create a beautiful and enjoyable pool area that will add beauty and recreation to your home. Visit the Red Beacon website for more design ideas and tips to help you create the pool of your dreams.

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