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10 Minimalist Approved Home Improvements

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > 10 Minimalist Approved Home Improvements
10 Minimalist Approved Home Improvements

You like things sleek simple and basic. You don’t like a lot of extra fuss and frills. You are a minimalist. It goes without saying that you want your home to reflect your tastes. A minimalist home doesn’t mean an empty home – it just means less clutter, simple beauty and understated elegance. It requires a more thoughtful approach to buying and storing the things that everyone needs to live.


Have you been looking for ways free yourself from knick knacks and clutter? It’s easier than you think. Read this guide to find 10 minimalist approved home improvements.

  1. 1. Hidden storage

    Stuff: everyone has it – even minimalists. It’s not bad to have things, the key is just figuring out how to store them while still maintaining the appearance clean, clutter-free spaces. You can do that by looking for clever ways to store your stuff. Find a coffee table with storage beneath it. You can do the same for seating – look for ottomans and chairs.

  2. Have you been looking for ways free yourself from knick knacks and clutter? It’s easier than you think.
  3. 2. Sleek cabinets

    If you have to have your storage out in the open, choose the kind that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your décor. Figure out a way to make the cabinets blend into the rest of the room. Look for cabinets with hidden pulls. Go monochromatic. Pick colors that match the color of your wall.

  4. 3. Deep drawers

    Deep drawers can be your friend when it comes to creating a minimalist look. That’s because creating this kind of look means no extra cutter on your counters and tabletops. Instead of a kitchen counter filled with utensils and other necessities, store away your much-needed belongings in drawers. Save yourself a headache when looking for things you need by investing in good drawer organizers.

  5. 4. Simple window dressings

    When it comes time to cover your windows, this isn’t the time for frills and lace. Look for clean lines and simplicity. Window shades and blinds can give you privacy and block out a sunny day without drawing too much attention to themselves.

  7. 5. Pick a focal point

    Minimalist décor doesn’t mean no décor at all. It means that there is more emphasis on what you use to decorate. Pick one or two elements and work around them. For example, you may choose to decorate your living room with one large painting. Or, you may want to set off a stark black and white room with a few bright red accessories.

  8. 6. Say it with paint

    Paint is a great way to update your home in a minimalist way. Use neutrals like whites, off-whites or beiges. If that sounds too boring for you, you can accent one wall or one segment of a wall with another more vibrant color.

  9. 7. Track lighting

    Track lighting can work well in minimalist homes because it’s simple and cutter free. There aren’t a lot of fussy lampshades or obtrusive extension cords to deal with. Look for places in your home where a bit of track lighting might fit in nicely. Check out this guide, Pros and Cons of Track Lighting, to learn more.

  10. 8. A Zen garden

    Create a simple beautiful space in your very own home – install a Zen garden. A Zen garden can be so small it fits on your tabletop or so large it takes up your whole backyard. They are usually made of sand or pebbles. Sometimes they may include Bonsai trees or flowers.

  11. 9. Expand your flooring options

    One way to make your home more minimalist is by changing your flooring. Uncarpeted floors have a kind of bare minimalist aesthetic that you can’t achieve with carpet. One option is hardwood. Hardwood floors are so timelessly beautiful that they fit any decor. Another interesting look is glazed concrete. Glazed concrete creates a glossy, yet simple effect that is almost like marble. If you do opt for carpet in your minimalist home, go for neutral tones and a close-cropped style that doesn’t call a lot of attention to itself.

  12. 10. Add windows

    Adding windows and skylights won’t just bring more natural light into your home – it will bring a bit of natural beauty into your own home. Also, the more natural light you bring into your home, the less you will have to rely on a lot of lights and light fixtures and the clutter that they bring. The kinds of windows you use will depend on your home and the amount of money you want to spend. Some homes have windows that take up the entire side of a house, while others have little skylights and windows tucked at different places throughout the house.

  13. Minimalist homes are simple, free of clutter and easy on the eyes. Remember, the reason for minimalism isn’t for you to go out and spend a bunch of money – rather it’s to create a space where you can rest and reflect. Begin creating your own minimalist home, your own little peaceful oasis, today.

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