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10 Most Time-Consuming DIY Projects to Avoid

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Most Time-Consuming DIY Projects to Avoid
10 Most Time-Consuming DIY Projects to Avoid

Part of home ownership involves continually maintaining and improving your home to put your touch on your domicile. While some of these projects are simple enough to complete in an afternoon or evening, others might stretch on for months or even years. These marathon projects might be the ones to put off unless you have excessive time on your hands.


As you contemplate the home improvement projects you wish to add to your schedule, educate yourself prior to beginning the work to ensure that you understand everything involved. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides important information about home improvements.


Knowing the 10 most time consuming DIY projects to avoid should eliminate unpleasant frustration and costly setbacks by opting into DIFM.

  1. 1.Window Replacement

    Although replacing windows can make significant improvements to the energy efficiency of your home, the project is not without challenges. The first task will be choosing windows with energy performance ratings that match your geographical location. If you plan to install the windows yourself, line up the help of an assistant to help you with the project. Part of the time-consuming challenge of installing windows involves the fitting, shimming, insulating and positioning of the trim around the windows. If you do not complete this work correctly, your windows may not seal properly against leaks.

  2. 2.Carpet Installation

    Installing your own carpet can save you money, but make sure you’re up to the task. You might void your carpet warranty by installing it yourself. Carpet installation equipment can also be expensive, heavy and difficult to use – especially if you have no experience with laying carpeting. You may experience issues with measuring, cutting and fitting the carpet pieces together, making your project take much longer than you anticipated.

  3. 3.Roof Repair

    Do-it-yourself roof repair is not a job for every homeowner. The principle reason to not perform your own roof repair rests in safety. If the pitch of your roof is extreme or you are uncomfortable with heights, you don’t belong on your roof. Some minor roof repairs may not be difficult to perform yourself. However, a comprehensive roof job that involves tearing off old shingles or installing new roofing materials over the entire expanse of the roof will be a lengthy and challenging project for most homeowners.

  4. 4.Insulation Installation

    Installing insulation in your home can be a big job. Whether you’re insulating your attic, basement or walls, safety and the effectiveness of your insulation are important factors of the project. It’s essential to research the type of insulation recommended for the area of your home you are insulating and your geographical location. Once you consider all the details of the task, such as vents, insulating around light fixtures and maintaining the integrity of electrical wiring, it may become clear that a do-it-yourself insulation project isn’t a good idea.

  5. 5.Floor Tiling

    The difficulty level of tiling a floor is considered “moderate” by most experts. This means that you will need to work diligently to prepare and lay the tiles. Even just experimenting with various tile layouts may consume your time and energy until you choose the layout that fits your style. Measuring and marking the layout of the tiles is not a job for anyone with slipshod math skills. If you make mistakes in measuring the layout, you will waste materials and time.

  6. 6.Structural Changes

    When your remodeling plans include structural changes, such as moving or adding walls or adding on living space to your home, hire an expert unless you have strong construction skills and experience. Most municipalities require homeowners to apply for building permits, a process that requires submitting a plan for the improvements and providing the local government with information about the finished project. If your constructions skills will not produce an outcome that meets your municipality’s requirements, you may need to bring your changes up to code.

  7. 7.Exterior Painting

    The process of painting the exterior of your home can be a long and arduous task. To prepare the surfaces, you will first need to scrape off and remove all loose paint. After removing the existing paint and sanding it smooth, the next steps involve priming and painting the surfaces. Optimally, you should apply two to three coats of paint to the surfaces to ensure that the paint lasts. This process can take a homeowner many months, depending on the size of the home.

  8. 8.Pipe Replacement

    A plumbing emergency that necessitates pipe replacement can be both messy and time sensitive. Obviously, your household can probably not function without plumbing for days or weeks while you struggle to replace pipes yourself. Resolve pipe replacement projects quickly by hiring a professional. If you find an isolated leaky pipe, you can probably patch it yourself without replacing the entire pipe.

  9. 9.Exterior Siding Fixes

    Exterior siding on a home will eventually reach a point where you need to replace it with new siding. The task of removing the old siding and replacing it with new siding can be a difficult and challenging job for a homeowner. Measuring and cutting the siding pieces correctly will be imperative for successful installation. If your home has two or more stories, you’ll also be working at elevated heights as you attempt to measure, cut and attach the siding to the exterior of your home.

  10. 10.Hardwood Floor Installation

    Unless you consider yourself an expert with power tools and flooring installation, working to install your own hardwood floors may be over your head. Although many types of hardwood flooring have simpler methods of affixing the hardwood materials, the entire process of measuring, cutting, fitting and installing can take days and days to complete.

      By knowing and accepting your do-it-yourself limitations, you can ensure that you don’t tackle a job that’s too difficult or time-consuming for you. Starting a job that you can’t finish can be ultimately more expensive in the end when you have to hire an expert to come in and fix your mistakes before finishing the job. Don’t forget to utilize the friendly expertise at the Red Beacon website for help, too.

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