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10 Perfect Gifts for New Home Owners

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > 10 Perfect Gifts for New Home Owners
10 Perfect Gifts for New Home Owners

There’s nothing more exciting than owning your first home. But, home ownership can be overwhelming, too - especially if it’s your first time. Once a new homeowner has signed the final contract and gotten the keys, he or she faces a whole new set of responsibilities. If they have never owned a home before, they will be walking into a big empty house. There are all types of things – things that he or she may not have ever given a second thought – that the new homeowner will need to fill your new home.


Luckily, you are here to help. Since you’ve read this guide, you know how to help that poor, hapless new home owner. Here are the top 10 things that would make perfect gifts to help get settled into a new home.

  1. 1.In the Kitchen: Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Extinguisher

    Fire extinguishers aren’t particularly sexy or glamorous, but your gift could be the key to saving the home or even a life in the case of an emergency. “The use of a fire extinguisher in the hands of a trained adult can be a life and property saving tool,” the United States Fire Administration says on their website. Make sure your new homeowner keeps the extinguisher in a spot where it’s easily accessible. Suggest that they contact their local fire department for proper training in how to use their new gift and remind them to test the fire extinguisher regularly.

  2. Wine Glasses

    2.In the Kitchen: Wine Glasses

    Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine? No one, that’s who. Buy new homeowners a nice set of wine glasses to help them celebrate their new purchase.Wine glasses are pretty classic and simple, so chances are low that you will give them something that doesn’t fit their taste or décor. They are also available at a wide range of price points, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find a set to fit your budget.

  3. Decorative Towels

    3.For the Bathroom: Decorative Towels

    Along with a new home come visitors to the new home. Home buyers will probably remember to buy towels for themselves, but decorative towels for guest may have been an afterthought. Help them out by getting them a nice set of hand towels or two. Bundle your towels with some nice soaps and hand creams and you have a lovely housewarming gift that anyone would appreciate.

  5. Storage Baskets

    4.For the Bathroom: Storage Baskets

    Among the first things that new homeowners learn is how handy storage equipment is. Help your new homeowners avoid clutter and decorate a much-used area of the house with pretty decorative baskets. They can use these baskets to store magazines, extra towels or just for decoration. Find sturdy, well-made and attractive baskets that will last a long time.

  6. 5.In the House: Gift cards

    Gift cards

    Sometimes it’s best to not presume to know what your new home owners want. Sometimes it’s best to let them pick something out for themselves. Head out to your favorite store and get your friends a card that they can use to shop at their own convenience. Some good places to get gift cards: grocery stores, home improvement stores or even a good neighborhood take-out restaurant. In the early days of a new move, homeowners will likely find themselves running back and forth to a home improvement store for some reason or another. And, during this busy time, it’s easy for food to become an afterthought.

  7. Storage Bins

    6.In the House: Storage Bins

    Along with a new home comes a mind-boggling amount of stuff. Help new home owners keep their home as clutter free as the day they first spotted the home by helping them invest in some storage equipment. New home owners will quickly find out that they don't need a lot of the stuff they have. But before they start having to throw them away, storage bins are always a great option to keep them organized. They can also help if they ever have to move again.

  8. Wet/Dry Vacuum

    7.For the Garage: Wet/Dry Vacuum

    Whether it is for cleaning out the car or cleaning up a nasty spill, these vacuums are great. When shopping for these kinds of vacuums, Consumer Reports advises that you avoid bells and whistles and instead look for equipment that works. “The largest models generally delivered the quickest, most thorough cleaning and the most capacity, and they tended to be the best equipped,” the group noted.

  9. Tool Kit

    8.For the Garage: A Tool Kit

    There will eventually come a time in the life of any homeowner when something in their home ceases to work as it should. When this happens, the homeowner will inevitably want to try to take the task into his or her own hands. Help your new homeowner out by getting them a brand new tool kit.

  11. Garden Tools

    9. Outdoors: Garden Tools

    Help out your new homeowner by getting them tools that they’ll need to keep their lawn looking good. Bundle together a few things – maybe a hoe, rake and shovel for a thoughtful and attractive gift. If you're willing to spend a bit more or pitch in for a gift with other friends, a lawn mower is always useful. Or maybe buy a few tools like minis shovels and shears for someone who likes to grow their own food and have a mini garden.

  12. 10.Outdoors: Flower and Veggie Seeds

    Flower and Veggie Seeds

    This is a cute and fun way to encourage the new homeowners in your life to start their own garden. Gardens aren’t just attractive, they can yield attractive flowers to put on display or even herbs, fruits and vegetables that the new homeowner can use in his or her kitchen.


    When one buys their first home, they are changing their lives in so many ways. Homeownership comes with a lot of challenges – toilets that clog, pipes that burst, anything that gets broken is now the responsibility of the homeowner, not a building super. But, it can also be a great time. You learn what you are capable of, and you customize your home to be a place that represents you. Help the new homeowner in your life get off to the right start by getting them something off of this list!

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