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10 Perfect Home Projects for Valentine's Day

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Seasonal > 10 Perfect Home Projects for Valentine's Day
10 Perfect Home Projects for Valentine's Day

Walks on the beach? Intimate candlelight dinners? Those are the kinds of Valentines’ Day activities for amateurs. You and your sweetie are looking for something a little different to celebrate your love. You two crazy kids want to tackle some home improvement projects instead.


It might not be the obvious choice for some, but working together can create great memories for any loving couple. You guys can bond while you hammer, and smooch while you paint. You can put your heads together to figure out the cause of the annoying leak in the master bathroom.


At a loss as to just what kind of home projects you should tackle on Valentine’s Day? No worries, we are here to help. Read on for 10 great ideas.

  1. 1.Frame and Hang Pictures

    It’s easy to get so caught up in living life that you forget to cherish the memories you have made. Use this time to go through old photos. Frame and display the ones that you love the most. These might be photos from memorable trips together, fun times you have had, or loved ones who are important to the two of you. Find beautiful frames and look for just the right spots to display your most cherished memories.

  2. 2.Create a Bathroom Retreat

    Turn your boring old bathroom into a relaxing, romantic retreat. You can do this by adding some scented candles, getting some lush towels and even getting his and her matching towels. Indulge in the type of products you would use in a fancy spa – things like good smelling bath oils and moisturizing and exfoliating scrubs. Once you have updated your bathroom, pamper yourselves to relax and feel renewed.

  3. 3.Clean Out your Hot Tub

    If you have a hot tub, you may have covered it once the summer was over not to give it a second thought. However, just because the temperatures drop, doesn’t mean that the two of you can’t use it. Take off the cover, clean out any dead leaves that may have fallen in, and give it a go. A nice warm soak when everything else is cool and snowy could be just what the two of you needed. Add a nice bottle of wine to help make the mood just right.

  5. 4.Wedding Day Mementos

    Use this special time of year to go through your wedding day mementos and display them in your home. Nowadays, many wedding photographers give couples their photos on a computer disk instead of actual hard-copy photos. Print out the photos from your special day and frame them. Flower petals from the bridal bouquet are also good keepsakes. Store them behind glass or in a lovely decorative box. Frame a copy of your wedding program. Just the act of going through things that may have been long forgotten could help the two of you relive wonderful memories.

  6. 5.Clean and Organize your Bedroom

    It’s hard to get romantic when there are stacks of old bills, dirty clothes and dry cleaning receipts around. Use this time to clean and organize your bedroom. Create a space where you two can focus on each other and not the stress and strains of everyday life. Invest in good closet organizers to get your clothes in ship-shape. Get anything that shouldn’t be in your bedroom out. That means office papers in the office, kids’ toys in the kids’ playroom, dishes in the kitchen.

  7. 6.Say it with Flowers

    You can brighten your home easily by adding some beautiful flowers. Since everyone is going to be buying flowers anyway, join the crowd. But don’t just stop at a bouquet of red roses. Get bright wildflowers for other rooms in your home. Your home will be looking and smelling beautiful in no time. Another fun project – get some flower seeds so that the two of you can grow your own flowers once the weather warms up.

  8. 7.Install a Mini Wine Refrigerator

    Anyone will tell you – wine and romance go hand-in-hand. If you have bottles of wine just sitting around gathering dust, help preserve them by getting a mini wine refrigerator. The two of you can figure out how it works, find the perfect spot and then stock it together. Then, later, you can kick back and enjoy a bottle together.

  10. 8.A Nook for Two

    Find a quiet, cozy spot in your home to create a cozy little nook for two. Build or buy a cushioned bench. Stock the area with some of your favorite things – maybe books and magazines or music. Make it a quiet, beautiful spot just for the two of you.

  11. 9.Paint the Town Red

    Look to incorporate elements of love and romance into the overall décor of your home. Look for ways to use the color red, flowers and hearts in a sophisticated, adult way. This might mean a beautiful red bedspread. Or maybe lovely painting of flowers. Look for pictures of couples embracing and hang them up in your home.

  12. 10.Shed Some Light

    Nothing sets a romantic mood like soft, romantic lighting. Put a lovely crystal chandelier up in your dining room. Switch out bright bulbs for bulbs that offer a softer light. Use candles to create soft, flickering light. If the idea of using fire makes you nervous, there are also flameless candles on the market. These candles give the look of a flickering flame without the fire hazard.


    There are so many ways that you and your love can express your feelings for each other while improving the look and feel of your home. Figure out ways to work together. You will reap the benefits for years to come.

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