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10 Quick & Easy Curb Appeal Solutions

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 10 Quick & Easy Curb Appeal Solutions
10 Quick & Easy Curb Appeal Solutions

Any home décor or garden magazine will give you loads of ideas on what you can do to spruce up the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal. Adding curb appeal does not need require a large budget or major modifications to your home.

  1. 1.Install a New Front Door

    Your front door is a major focal point of the exterior of your home. A door that catches the eye makes for a house that stays in the mind. A new coat of paint and replacing worn and rusty hardware can provide it with a new lease of life. Try a bright contrasting color – it livens up the whole exterior. If your budget is mighty enough, a new door with a design that is different from the old one will give your house’s façade a decent makeover. Front porch furniture that compliments the door will add to the overall appeal. If you do not want to spend on new chairs and tables, repaint what you have to match the door; but if you have gone in for a contrasting bright door color, be careful of overdoing the contrast with the furniture.

  2. 2.Window Boxes

    Window boxes add life and vitality to the walls of a house. Overdoing the plants is a common mistake. Remember that you are not creating another garden – what you want to do is add a touch of life to the walls of your house, nothing more. Use flowers and colors that compliment what you have in your actual garden.

  3. 3.Flowering Vines

    If your home is a traditional one, a climbing vine to two along the front adds a touch of romance. Keep the vines light and delicate with plants like a climbing rose so that they do not become homes for nesting rodents or provide the means for someone to climb up the walls of your home. And remember that vines need to be trimmed or they will look like wild and unplanned growths.

  5. 4.Use that Tree

    Do you have a big tree in your yard? Does its size draw the eye upward and distract people from appreciating the rest of the area? If so, why not think of creating a bench around it? This will not only give you convenient sitting space, it will focus attention on the lower part of the tree and the garden that exists at that level (if there is a garden; this does not matter though; you want people to keep their eyes more level). The bench does not have to be round. Octagon and pentagon shapes look striking and impressive. Just remember to leave enough space between the bench and the tree to accommodate an increase in the girth of the tree, if any. You do not want your back or head to be leaning against the tree though anyway. You do not want to be that close to the tree

  6. 5.Light it Up

    Exterior light can really add curb appeal to your home. You can buy outdoor lighting kits from most big hardware stores and if you have basic electric skills, you can do the installation yourself. Locate dark areas of your yard that you think will look better with light and external features of the house that you want to highlight and concentrate the lighting on these applications. And a well-lit walkway is always going to be attractive. Be careful not to overdo the light effects. Outdoor lighting is meant to add a glow to your home after dark, not make it seem like its daytime.

  7. 6.Picket Fences

    Picket fences may be old fashioned, but this is a fashion that never goes out of style. You can buy ready to install fencing at hardware and garden supply stores in various styles and colors. White is the traditional color and one that works with whatever color your house may be. Be careful of the gap between the pickets – if it’s too much it will give the appearances of being an old fence where parts have fallen off. It the pickets are too close together passersby will not be able to see your yard, which defeats the whole idea of a picket fence. Set the fence a few fee back from your property’s boundaries for the best effect and fill the open space with flower beds.

  8. 7.Shutter it Up

    If you live in an older house, window shutters can provide it some more character. Stick to traditional designs that match the age of the house. Antique stores are an ideal place to find old shutters in designs that are no longer available. Refurbishing them is a nice DIY project.

  10. 8.A Welcoming Walkway

    A nice brick or stone walkway leading up to the front porch adds a lot of depth to the appearance of your front yard. If you have a walkway that is looking old and worn out, you can consider applying a colored concrete resurface to rejuvenate it. And edging with it with stone or brick pavers offers a little extra emphasis to the walkway by making it stand out more from the surrounding grass. Soft lighting using lamps that are low to the ground will make it more apparent at night in contrast to the darkness around it.

  11. 9.Makeover the Mailbox

    Even if your postman pushes letters through the email slot in your front door, think about putting in a letter box. This will become a secondary focal point of the yard and highlight the boundary of your property. Choose a design that matches the look of your house.

  12. 10.Accessorize

    Lanterns, brass knockers, planters, and garden ornament are a quick and cost effective way to add curb appeal. Be careful not to go overboard with the accessories; consider what type of neighborhood you live in as well. A big brass knocker fitted on a door with a big brass handle can look over done. Choose one or the other. And since the accessories are going to be exposed to the weather, get those that are tarnish resistant.


    Sex appeal is not only for human beings. It also applies to homes and a few simple solutions will give your home the curb appeal it needs to look attractive and sharp. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

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