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10 Renovations for a Bachelor Pad Paradise

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > 10 Renovations for a Bachelor Pad Paradise
10 Renovations for a Bachelor Pad Paradise

Your bachelor pad – it’s the ultimate man cave and your place to kick back. Your bachelor pad deserves some comforts and improvements that will make it rock for both you and your guests. Whatever your budget and timeframe, there’s something you can do to create a better bachelor pad.


As you’re considering the improvements you want to make, first things first. If your home is older, you may have some safety issues to consider. The Environmental Protection Agency provides important information about lead safety in the home. If your pad has paint that predates 1978, you may have lead in some layers of paint that could cause health issues.


Once you know the game plan, get ready with 10 renovations for a bachelor pad paradise. The work you do will pay back lasting dividends in comfort and designer decor.

  1. 1.Organization


    Sure, the standard assumption about a bachelor pad is that it’s a messy, unpleasant place with dirty socks in the corners and crusty plates on the end tables. While you could certainly live this way if it works for you, why not break the stereotype? Instead, you can create an organized and shipshape bachelor pad that will knock people’s socks off.


    Go through your entire pad to quell the clutter. Be ruthless and toss out anything that you don’t need or want anymore. If something has value, consider selling it or giving it away. Once you’re down to just the things you want to keep, it’s time to find a spot for everything. Go out and buy some great storage containers – bins and boxes with modern, clean lines could be ideal for the bachelor pad look.


    Build shelving in spots where you need storage to hold your new bins. Don’t forget about hidden storage options like ottomans and benches in the living room and bedroom.

  2. Entertainment


    Every bachelor pad needs a solid entertainment system that includes the television, surround sound, gaming and gadgets. Don’t forget comfortable seating while viewing or playing and the necessary lighting to set the mood. Once you have your entertainment systems installed and working, it’s time to organize the accessories. Think shelves and bins to hold everything neatly.

  3. 3.Exercise


    It’s important to keep up that physical shape that gets noticed. If you have the space, consider devoting an entire room to some exercise equipment that will make it easy and convenient to work out from home. A few cardio machines and some free weights should be all you need. Go ahead and install music and surround sound in there, too, to keep you moving and motivated. If you don’t have the space to devote a whole room to exercise, carve out a corner of the living room or bedroom.

  5. 4.Colors


    The colors you choose for your man cave will have a huge effect on the overall comfort and impact of your home. While blue may seem like the obvious choice, not so fast. A few other hues may help you create a more upscale and sophisticated space. Consider brown or gray as the predominant color. Both of these colors work well with other accent colors like blue, black or white. Need a splash of color? Consider adding bold purple or red accents to gray walls. Once you paint the walls and trim, the fabrics you use in the rooms will round out your color scheme. Upholstery, window coverings and rugs can really tie a room together.

  6. 5.Workspace


    Whether you bring work home or you work from home, you’ll need a comfortable workspace where you can concentrate and be productive. A desk, comfortable chair and the electronic equipment you need for working are the bare minimum for an effective home workspace. If you can create a room for working at home, all the better. Make it comfortable with ergonomic furniture. Make it productive with the right colors on the walls – neutral works best. Keep your focus by eliminating distractions in the room.

  7. 6.Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom

    Your master bedroom may just be the nucleus of a bachelor pad – the place you rejuvenate and kick back. Make sure the colors are soothing and restful. Current trends suggest a combination of medium brown and medium green for a soothing and natural feel. Tones of gray with splashes of other neutrals such as peach and blue might also work. Once you have your color scheme set, add the color to the walls. Add a cozy rug over the floor to give the room a comfortable feel.


    Got the cash for some big-ticket renovations? Add a Jacuzzi to the master bathroom and update the other bathroom fixtures. You simply can’t go wrong with a sleek and modern master bathroom that will provide comfort and relaxation for you and any guests.

  8. 7.Kitchen


    Even if you avoid the kitchen whenever possible, it’s still important to have a functioning and attractive place for basic food preparation. If you do like to cook, what could be better than a fully equipped and modern kitchen with all the space and equipment necessary to cook delicious culinary masterpieces?


    Redo the flow and design of your kitchen to give you the work areas you need for cooking. Spring for new appliances, replace worn countertops and install gorgeous flooring such as tile or hardwoods.

  9. 8.Window Coverings

    Window Coverings

    Resist the old standard of ignoring your windows in a bachelor pad. Even dudes need a touch of texture and color in the windows. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of light control, insulation and privacy when you add window coverings to your windows. Keep window coverings neutral, making them blend and complement the other colors in the room. Don’t be afraid of prints, too. Try stripes, plaids or even geometric patterns.

  11. Lighting


    Update your lighting to create mood and sophistication in your pad. By adding dimmers to ceiling and wall lighting, you can change and update your entire room. Not only will you save electricity by using the dimmers, you’ll also be able to control the mood of your room with a touch of a button. Don’t forget spotlights, too, when you want to add a focal point to a room.

  12. 10.Flooring


    Hard surfaces on the floors are where it’s at when you’re renovating to create a stylish man cave. Whether you go for laminates, hardwoods or tile, your options are many. The smooth, clean lines of hard surfaces on your floors will help you create a minimalist, chic environment in your bachelor pad.


    Whether your renovations are extensive or simple, you’ve got many options to fit any budget.

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