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10 Secrets to a Welcoming Front Yard

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 10 Secrets to a Welcoming Front Yard
10 Secrets to a Welcoming Front Yard

In real estate, curb appeal is everything. Homeowners looking to sell their homes are advised to make the outside of their homes look tidy, neat and welcoming. That’s because the exterior of a home helps create the potential buyer’s first impression. If I buyer is turned off by the way the property looks on the outside, it’s likely they will not give the inside much of a shot.


The same is true even when you aren’t looking to turn a profit. It’s just a good idea to keep the parts of your property that lie beyond your front door looking as good as it can look. It helps our property value, it makes you feel good about coming home and it’ll keep your neighbors from whispering about you at the next community event.


If you are looking to give your property a bit of a makeover, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you 10 secrets to creating a welcoming front yard.

  1. 1. Say it with Flowers

    Flowers are the easiest, fastest way to improve the look of your front yard. Just a few cheery pots of brightly colored flowers will improve the look of your home significantly. If you are interested in trying your hand at gardening, you can also plant flowers along the outside of your home and up your walkway.

  2. 2.Add Trees

    Trees are great for the environment, great for shade and can help improve the look of your front lawn. There are lots of different kinds of trees and they all thrive in different climates. Colorful trees, like Cherry Blossoms, will bring a splash of life to your house and create a calming effect for entering guests.

  3. 3.Tend to your Walkway

    Cracked and uneven walkways aren’t just unattractive, they can be safety hazards for your guests. Get cracked, buckling cement fixed early before the problem worsens and spreads. If the problem is a small one, you can fix it yourself with a bit of patching cement. For larger jobs, head to to get in touch with an experienced contractor in your area.

  5. 4.Go Pro

    Hire a landscaper: Find a good landscape designer and use their expert guidance to create a front yard that you will love. According to the Association of Professional Landscapers, the job of a landscape designer has many different parts. Some of the skills required to truly be a great landscape designer include the following: analyzing the property, providing an artistic eye and working within a budget.

  6. 5.Go fancy

    Many people probably wouldn’t give a second thought to things like house numbers or mailboxes. Don’t be those people. These little details are great ways to give your front yard a little extra ‘umph.’ Get something pretty and classy. Go with things that show a bit of your personality without being too ostentations.

  7. 6.Deck it out with decorations

    Lawn flamingos and little jockeys are a little outdated, but there are all kinds of cool things you can buy to spruce up the front of your home. Stone sculptures and water fountains can give your lawn a bit of peaceful zen. But – be careful out there. It’s easy to err on the side of tacky when it comes to lawn décor. Keep it simple and nature inspired. Stay away from brightly colored gnomes, realistic animals or peeing angels.

  8. 7.Keep your lawn looking good

    A lush, green lawn makes any property look better. Keep your lawn healthy by watering it regularly – but not too often. That means you can water your grass every week, but not every day. Also, don’t over-fertilize. A little bit of fertilizer helps keep the soil around your plant moist while delivering the right amount of nutrients that the grass needs. However, over-fertilizing your grass means it gets too much of a good thing – and that’s bad. Fertilizer is made of up three different chemical components: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Some novices mistakenly give their grass equal parts of all three. Experts say that it depends on the quality of your soil to determine what your specific ratio should be. They also suggest you use a “slow release” formulation.

  10. 8.Splashes of color

    There are lots of ways to add fun splashes of color to the outside of your home – even in the most conservative neighborhood. Give your guests a festive welcome by painting your front door a bright color. You could also install decorative shutters or awnings in a beautiful shade.

  11. 9.Keep your siding shining

    If the outside of your home is stained and faded, it makes your whole property look bad. It can even make the whole neighborhood look a little run-down. Pay attention to your home’s cladding. If you have vinyl siding, make sure to hose it down often to remove dirt and stains. If your siding is old and faded, consider having it replaced. In the past, vinyl was known to warp and fade, but newer versions of this material are designed to better stand up to the sun’s powerful rays. If you have wood siding, make sure to treat it with a sealant so that it stays looking good for a long time. Whatever you have covering the outside of your home, make sure that you are familiar with what needs to be done to maintain it.

  12. 10.Maintenance is important

    Once you do whatever it is that you’ve chosen to do to improve the look of your home, keep it up. If you’ve added plants and flowers, make sure you tend to them. Keep them watered and pruned and give them whatever they need for each given season. Give things that are painted a good protective coating and update with fresh coats as needed. Try to stand back and look at your yard with a fresh eye periodically. Doing that will help you catch things that need your attention and TLC.


    Remember: a well-maintained home is a happy home. Take the small steps to keep your property looking cared for. Your neighbors will thank you, and you’ll take extra pride in what is yours.

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