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10 Small Everyday Cleaning Habits That Change Your Life

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > 10 Small Everyday Cleaning Habits That Change Your Life
10 Small Everyday Cleaning Habits That Change Your Life

The daily maintenance of a house can seem overwhelming – especially if you don’t keep at it every day. Even a day or two of accumulation in a home may create a build-up that feels unpleasant and demoralizing. Instead of paralyzing yourself with a drowning mess, do small tasks every day in your home.


When you wish to make a positive change in your life and your home, decluttering can be the ideal place to start. The Colorado State University provides helpful information that might show you where to begin to declutter your home. Even devoting five or 10 minutes each day to conquering clutter can bring about big changes in a home after a week or two.


Apply 10 small everyday cleaning habits that will change your life and improve your home’s interior.

  1. 1.Vacuum

    Busy families often use a home hard – and it shows on the floors. Whether you have kids or pets or both, the amount of debris and particles that appear on your floors every day can be unsightly. Spend a few minutes at the end of every day vacuuming the traffic areas and oft-used rooms. You will probably still need to perform more in-depth vacuuming once or twice a week, but daily vacuuming helps keep your home looking neater.

  2. 2.Dust

    Keep a handle on the dust that accumulates on surfaces in your home. If you don’t devote time to dusting weekly, instead, think about dusting daily. Pick a room to dust every day and spend five minutes controlling the dust mites that want to share your home with you. A dust-free home is not only more pleasant to live in – it’s healthier, too!

  3. 3.Keep Baking Soda in Fridge

    It’s common for foods in the enclosed area of the refrigerator to give off odors – especially if you allow leftovers to accumulate. Minimize food odors in the refrigerator with a simple box of baking soda. For mere pennies, the open box of baking soda will neutralize odors and keep your refrigerator more pleasantly scented.

  4. 4.Rinse Dishes Immediately

    Even if you don’t do the dishes right after cooking or eating, you could at least rinse them. By rinsing your dishes immediately, you wash away food and debris that would otherwise dry and harden onto the dishes. With the dishes rinsed of food particles, you’ll find it much faster and easier to wash them whenever you are ready to do the dishes. If you use a dishwasher but don’t need to run it every day, use the “rinse and hold” at the end of the day to rinse away food debris from the dishes before you wash them.

  5. 5.Clean Microwave Daily

    Spills and crumbs happen as you use the microwave to zap foods every day. Instead of allowing these daily messes to accumulate until your microwave becomes frightfully dirty, wipe up spills and messes daily. You’ll find that wiping down the interior of the microwave takes only a few seconds when you do it daily. Compare this with the challenging job of cleaning off dried-on and crusted food debris when you clean the microwave less frequently and it becomes obvious which is the better choice.

  6. 6.Wipe Down Dinner Table

    A clean and clutter-free dinner table can make a huge difference in your kitchen or dining room. After eating and clearing the table, go back with a damp rag and a dry towel. Wipe down the dinner table every evening and the table will be clean and ready for the next day.

  7. 7.Leave Shoes in the Mudroom

    The dirt and mud that enters your house on shoes might surprise you. Instead of tracking dirt into the house where you have to clean it off floors, make a “no shoes” rule for your home. By insisting that all shoes leave feet and stay in the mudroom, you can reduce the amount of scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming you need to do to maintain your floors and keep your home clean.

  8. 8.Make Your Bed

    If making your bed seems like one of those silly details that doesn’t make sense – think again. Take the extra minute after you get out of bed and pull the sheets and covers up neatly to dress your bed in the morning. Think about it this way – making your bed every morning can actually help you start the day productively. A neat bed starts the day off right, making it more likely that you’ll continue your positive momentum.

  9. 9.Clutter Control

    Clutter can multiply if you don’t manage it daily. Adopt a mindset that helps you control it more easily. For example, whenever you walk from one room to another room, scan the room you are leaving to see if you can take anything with you that doesn’t belong. That coffee cup on the table – take it with you to the kitchen. Jacket draped over a chair – go hang it up in the hallway. Shoes beside the chair – move them to where they go by the door. Make it a habit to straighten as you move through a room and your rooms will be easier to maintain. Don’t forget to toss trash that seems to accumulate, too.

  10. 10.5-Minute Pick-Up

    Set that kitchen timer and go! This won’t be painful at all – five minutes is insanely short! The key is to get the entire family involved in a five-minute pick-up throughout the house. Gather the troops, set the timer and turn them loose on your rooms with the idea that they work quickly and diligently to pick up and restore order until the timer goes off. When the timer buzzes, check out your results. Chances are that everyone made big progress in just those 300 seconds. You could even utilize this fast pick-up method a couple of times each day to maintain order and keep things under control.


    With a new way of approaching home maintenance, you should find that your home runs more smoothly and you feel happier and less overwhelmed with the upkeep and housework. Visit the Red Beacon website for even more home maintenance and clutter-control tips.

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