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10 Steps to Throw the Best Superbowl Party

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Seasonal > 10 Steps to Throw the Best Superbowl Party
10 Steps to Throw the Best Superbowl Party

A Super Bowl party is not like any other party. It combines the feeling of a spectacular sporting event with the social atmosphere of spending time at home in the company of family and friends. A Super Bowl party cannot be organized in the normal manner; it must be thrown in a way that befits the occasion. Let’s look at the 10 most important steps to throwing a successful Super Bowl party.

  1. 1.Who Do You Call Over?

    It’s tempting to call everyone over to watch the game. But you need to be practical; how much space to you have? You can’t have your guests crammed in like sardines. Start by listing all those you just have to invite and do this as early as possible. Ask for confirmations so you know how many more from your second list you can call over. The second should ideally be a mix of friends, family, and co-workers. The important thing is that they all are fun loving and informal. This means you can even invite some non-football folks (as long as they enjoy a party) to add variety to the mix.

  2. 2.Clean Up and Rearrange

    Even if it’s a totally informal gathering, your house needs to be clean and spruced up. It a matter of your pride in your home and a sign of respect to all those you invite over. Calling people to an untidy home shows that you are taking them for granted. Since the whole family will be at the party, they can all pitch in with the cleanup. Arrange the furniture so that everyone has comfortable access to the TV. If need be, borrow extra chairs from friends, and neighbors. Your guests will have a lot of cold weather gear with them so designate a place where it will be kept and try and organize it for easy retrieval when the party is over.


    Make sure you have plenty of paper towels around, enough supplies in the bathroom, and perhaps some spray soap in the open so everyone knows you expect the place to remain nice and to encourage anyone if they made or make a mess or leave some finger marks anywhere, they are encouraged to ameliorate that issue and clean up after themselves.

  3. 3.Show Your Sporting Colors

    Your home needs reflect the Super Bowl passions. Decorate it with pictures, posters, football gear, flags, and anything else you may have available. Just remember that some of your guests may not support your team so don’t go overboard – it will make them feel uncomfortable and as if they are outsiders (unless they are 49er or Patriot fans). If you have some friends who tend to let their passions get the better of them have a quiet tactful word with them soon after they arrive. Tell them you don’t want to restrict their fun but you need to think of other guests also and any behavior that creates tensions will put you in an awkward position. Sport fanatics often can’t control themselves so it’s also worthwhile to have a word with people you think may be offended to warn them of what to expect and request them to ignore any rudeness or overreactions for your sake. Sensitive people are fragile; no one wants to see them walk outside and pout.

  5. 4.You Can’t Watch on an Empty Stomach

    Watching people play football makes spectators hungry. Your guests are going to be eating from the time they arrive until they have stuffed themselves with dessert. Lay out a wide array of snacks all over the room where people can access them easily. Try and avoid snacks that spill or stain – sauces splash and dips drip! And keep tons of paper napkins around – they are your only defense against greasy and chip stained fingerprints all over your home. Lay out medium quantities of everything and keep doing your rounds to top up empty bowls. It’s a sacrifice that is worth it as you can clean up any messes before they get too bad and make sure that nothing has run out.

  6. 5.Lay it All Out

    Snacks are never enough and you will need to lay out a proper meal for the appetites that build up by halftime. Set your food budget and have them focus on quality over variety – it’s better to have 3 sterling dishes instead of 6 mediocre ones. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because they are so wrapped up in the game your guests won’t notice what they are eating. Their hunger will make them super critical of all they consume. Here too, stick to food that can be picked up and carried over to wherever the person is sitting with the least danger of spills. Burgers, hotdogs, pizzas, and deli sandwiches are the traditional Super Bowl fare because the food suits the occasion and it is easy to both serve and eat.

  7. 6.Paper and Plastic

    Forget about your crockery, cutlery, and glasses. Not only may you not have enough, the risk of breakage is going to be high. And washing up afterwards is a real pain. Paper plates and plastic glasses are fine for a Super Bowl party. There is no washing up to do and nothing to break. And you guests will not mind – they will be happy not having to worry about breaking things.


    Make sure the garbage can is fully visible and you have enough garbage bags lying around or that are available and in the open.

  8. 7.Raising the Bar

    A football fan does not live by food alone. There must be a well-stocked bar. Beer is the beverage of choice for most, so keep a variety of brands to cater to diverse tastes. And don’t forget the non-beer drinkers. A few bottles of other drinks and wines are a must. Set up the bar at a place that is away from the traffic flow in the room so that it does not become a bottleneck that impedes your guests’ movement. A big table that can hold all the glasses, coolers, bottles, and bar staples equipment is the best solution. A thick heavy table cloth that will soak up all the spills is a prudent idea. Getting everyone their first drink before telling them to help themselves is a nice gesture.


    Don’t forget to cater for the kids and the non-drinkers who may be present.

  10. 8.Keep it Simple and Informal

    Make your guests feel at home. Use the pre-show to get the conversation flowing and have people talk about their favorite players and what kind of results they expect (males and females will talk about different things, that is understood). Making bets on the outcome is a good way to enliven the mood and set up the Super Bowl spirit among your guests. This could backfire though. Perhaps you should frown on bets based on dollar amounts, someone may make a bet and not have the money to back it up. This could cause an issue.


    Don’t forget to cater for the kids and the non-drinkers who may be present.

  11. 9.Saying Good Bye

    All good things come to an end and so will your Super Bowl party. Guests tend to leave in batches so make sure that you thank each person for coming – anyone who gets left out by accident will feel hurt. Ask everyone to check to see if they have left anything behind. And because of the amount of eating and drinking that has been done, there may be a few of your guests who are worse for wear. Don’t let them drive. Either ask others to drop them or call for a taxi. Having someone get into an accident on their way home from your successful Super Bowl party will undo all the fun that everyone had.

  12. 10.You Need a Clean Up Team

    A successful party means that the house needs to return to normal quickly and with the least hassle. Recruit a few really good friends to help you out by staying back and being your cleanup team. You’ll be surprised at how soon the cleaning is done and how nice it feels to be in a tidy home. Show you gratitude by offering them another drink or something to eat once the cleanup has been done. And offer to do the same for them whenever they need your help.


    The Super Bowl comes once a year and it’s worthwhile pulling out all the stops to make your Super Bowl party something special. If it’s an annual event at your home, the challenge of doing it better each year is an enjoyable one. If it’s a one off, then you can sit back and watch the friend who will throw the next one as he struggles to top your magnificent efforts.

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