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10 Storage Spaces to Hide Your Children's Christmas Gifts

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Storage Spaces to Hide Your Children's Christmas Gifts
10 Storage Spaces to Hide Your Children's Christmas Gifts

When you’ve got kids in the house and Christmas shopping to finish, one of the details that you may overlook might be where to hide the loot after you buy it. Depending on the age of your angels, they may be curious – or downright snoopy – on a quest to uncover the goodies you’ve bought.


As the holiday draws near, use 10 storage spaces to hide your children’s Christmas gifts. With successful storage, when it’s time to bestow the stuff, your kids’ faces will light up with surprise and delight.

  1. 1.Garage


    Depending on the age of your youngsters, the garage may be the ideal spot to stow the gifts. Many garages have rafters and other out-of-the-way spots where kids rarely venture or even think to look. Wrap up the gifts and place them into large, black garbage bags. Place the bags in a corner of the garage where unsuspecting little people won’t even think to snoop.

  2. 2.Attic


    The attic can be a place where kids don’t even have access, depending on the design of your house. Whether your attic is a walk-up or climb-up space, you may be able to stick some gifts in the attic for safekeeping. Just make sure your storage spot is safe from pests and temperature fluctuations. Electronic items may not appreciate the warm or cold temperatures of an attic.

  3. 3.Basement


    Many household basements have a variety of dark corners where kids would hate to snoop. If your kids avoid the basement because it’s creepy and scary, you’ve just found yourself the perfect spot to store presents. Cover the gifts with an old blanket or place them into large boxes. Stow them into the darkest corners of the basement, making it look like they’ve been there for years. Be careful of areas that may have excess moisture, however, because this might damage gifts.

  4. 4.Shed


    An outdoor shed where you store pots, rakes and the lawn mower might be the ideal place to store Christmas gifts. If your shed has rafters, stick the gifts up high where unsuspecting little people won’t think to look. You might also try sticking the gifts into bins and boxes so they fit right in with the rest of the items out in the shed.

  5. 5.Storage Unit

    Storage Unit

    When you’ve got a bonanza of Christmas gifts to stow and your house is full of kids on the prowl, a storage unit is the perfect solution. Choose a storage unit with a location that’s convenient to where you do your shopping and you can drop your acquisitions off at the unit before you even return home. If you’ve got enough room at the storage unit and it’s pleasant there, you might even wrap up the loot there before bringing it home. Don’t forget – transporting everything home may be a process that requires several trips.

  6. 6.Friend’s House

    Friend’s House

    Storing Christmas gifts at a friend’s house can also solve the problem of nosy kids. Make sure you inventory what you store at your buddy’s house and know exactly where it’s put so you know that you get everything back, though. Consider wrapping everything before you take it over so no one gets nosy at your friend’s house, too.

  7. 7.Office


    A storage spot at your place of work might be the ideal solution. If you have a private spot at your office with a closet or a few shelves, you might place wrapped gifts into a large box and keep them at the office until it’s time for the big day. Make sure you secure the area carefully if the gifts are high-ticket items, though. Having someone walk off with them would definitely ruin the holiday for your family.

  8. 8.Car Trunk

    Car Trunk

    Your car trunk can be a perfect place for gifts as long as kids don’t have access to your car. Be careful about keeping electronic items in the trunk, though. These items won’t appreciate excessively warm or cold temperatures that might occur in a car trunk. Drape a blanket over the contents in the trunk so no one is the wiser.

  9. 9.Locked Closet

    Locked Closet

    Pop for a locked closet if you get really desperate. Switch out the regular doorknob for a keyed knob and you can happily stow every gift right under your kids’ noses. They’ll know the loot is in there, of course, but they won’t be able to get to it until the big day. Make sure you hide the key well, but not so well that you forget where you put it.

  10. 10.Mislabeled Boxes

    Mislabeled Boxes

    When all else fails, opt for hiding Christmas gifts right in plain sight. Find big boxes and get creative with the labels you place on the boxes. Labels like “Valentine’s Decorations” or “Baby Clothes" should stop kids cold. Kids will see the boxes, but they won’t even think to peek inside thanks to your deceptive labels. Place the boxes anywhere that you would ordinarily store items and your kids will probably pass right over them in their quest to find Christmas gifts.


    With a little creativity, you never know what hiding places you’ll discover. A word of caution, though – don’t get so creative and ingenious that you forget where you put items. Scrambling and scrounging at midnight on Christmas Eve looking for hidden gifts would definitely put a damper on the holiday. Once you succeed in truly surprising your kids with gifts they never expected, you will see how important it is to hide Christmas gifts.

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