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10 Tech Upgrades Your House Needs

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > 10 Tech Upgrades Your House Needs
10 Tech Upgrades Your House Needs

Living in the dark ages can have a negative impact on both your lifestyle and your budget. Not only can tech upgrades make life more pleasant and entertaining, you might be surprised at the money you can save when you make improvements in various systems of your house.


One way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and safety is to update your electrical system. The U.S. Department of Energy lays it all out for the consumer to read and learn in an Electrical Safety Workbook. Once you know the basics, you can maintain and improve the electrical system in your home.


With 10 tech upgrades your house needs, you can create a home improvement list and check them off as you make them happen.

  1. 1.Thermostat


    Instead of controlling the comfort zone in your home the old fashioned way, a high-tech thermostat has some bells and whistles that are worth mentioning. Let the thermostat utilize a motion detector to determine when no one’s home to turn off the furnace or air conditioner. The thermostat can even learn your schedule and anticipate when you’ll be home by turning on the furnace or air conditioner a short time before you hit the door.

  2. 2.Keyless Entry

    Keyless Entry

    Toss that jumbled set of house keys that you fumble with every time you need to let yourself in the house. Instead, a fingerprint system will scan and compare your own unique prints and unlock your doors for you. Couple the fingerprint with an additional code for even greater security. Keyless entry systems are ideal not only for exterior entrances and exits, but also for a home office, master suite or other area in the home that you want to keep secure.

  3. 3.Home Security

    Home Security

    A home security camera panning your landscape might not sound like anything new, but home security options have advance exponentially in recent years. Consider elaborate systems with numerous cameras trained on various spots in and around your home. These cameras will record important footage, enabling you to play back the recordings whenever necessary. Not only this, but you might opt for real-time monitoring of your home and property while you’re halfway around the world.

  5. 4.Wireless Weather

    Wireless Weather

    Whether you’re wondering if you should tuck an umbrella in your bag in the morning or whether to cover the tomatoes to protect them from frost, it’s helpful to have important weather details at your fingertips. From high and low temperature information to humidity and barometric pressure, you’ll have all the relevant data handy at a glance on a wireless weather screen. Don’t forget the real benefit of knowing about severe weather before it happens so you can prepare and protect your family.

  6. 5.Lighting


    Forget the days of manually flipping switches and turning on table lamps. Instead, special lighting designers can create a lighting solution for virtually any need. From task lighting to setting an enjoyable mood, the lights in your home have a design that fits your needs and wants. LED lighting is an increasingly popular interior lighting option that provides both task and mood lighting, built into furniture, walls, ceilings and floors. You could even set your lighting so it pulsates with music.

  7. 6.Home Energy Monitor

    Home Energy Monitor

    You went to great expensive to make sure your home is efficient – why not track your home’s energy consumption so you can see the raw data? Home energy monitors track the energy used by different systems in your home, such as HVAC and electrical. You’ll get information like the amount of heat produced by your furnace or the amount of cooling produced by your air conditioner. You can set the monitor to track at various intervals, including daily, weekly and monthly. Armed with this information, you can find trends and then make any necessary adjustments for even greater efficiency and savings. Many monitors even translate the information into dollars and cents so you know exactly what you spend on home energy.

  8. 7.Whole House Surge Protection

    Whole House Surge Protection

    When your house utilizes a variety of different electric and electronic equipment, a surge could be devastating. Not only computers, but appliances, exercise equipment and lighting often have built-in electronic circuitry that can experience costly damage from a voltage surge. Sure, you could use surge protection strips to plug in your appliances, but why not protect your entire home? With whole house surge protection installed directly at the electrical panel, surges stop before they even enter your home.

  9. 8.Wall-Mounted Televisions

    Wall-Mounted Televisions

    Instead of having televisions seek center stage in a room, many newer wall-mounted televisions are designed to fade into the woodwork – literally. When you’re not using the television, perhaps a mirror or a painting covers the screen. When it’s time to watch something, slide the mirror or painting away and out pops the screen. This could be ideal above a fireplace or on a focal wall of the living room where you don’t want the television to dominate your décor.

  11. 9.Outdoor Living

    Outdoor Living

    As people move outdoors for cooking, dining and visiting, the backyard space is evolving to keep up. Expensive outdoor kitchens are becoming popular to enable people to hang outside while enjoying a gourmet meal. Bothered by temperatures, weather or bugs? No worries – install screen and glass structures around your outdoor living areas to enable you to stay outside longer and more comfortably.

  12. 10.Central Control Stations

    Central Control Stations

    Why not control appliances, lights, computers, gadgets, electronics and heating and cooling from one central spot? With the push of a button or the slide of a switch, you can turn down the lights upstairs in the kids’ room, turn down the burner downstairs on the stove or adjust the air conditioner down a degree or two. Save your time and energy for more important pursuits.


    Once you see the possibilities, you may decide that it’s time for some important upgrades. The improvements to your home and quality of life should make a huge difference for you and your family.

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