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10 Tricks to Make Your Home a Burglar-free Fortress

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 10 Tricks to Make Your Home a Burglar-free Fortress
10 Tricks to Make Your Home a Burglar-free Fortress

Your home is your castle, and that means there shouldn’t be any intruders. It’s no wonder, then, that Americans spend thousands on security measures for their homes every year. A robbery can make you feel unsafe where you should feel the most comfortable. However, there are things you can do to make your home more secure – and you won’t even have to invest in a moat or a few dozen knights. Read on for 10 tricks to make your home a burglar-free fortress.

  1. 1. Bolt locks

    Make your doors even more secure with bolt locks. Bolt locks are applied just above the door handle and use a separate key to lock and unlock. They are sturdier than normal locks and better able to withstand excess force. Locks come designated by grade. A grade one lock means it can withstand being pried, picked, broken, drilled or even hammered.

  2. 2. Become a dog owner

    Become a dog owner: Fido is man’s best friend for a reason. Dogs aren’t just good for companionship, they can scare away unwanted intruders. Remember, however, that your dog is a living thing and so you’ll need to take the proper steps to take care of him. Do your research before you buy a dog so that you will know what breeds offer the best protection. Make sure to give your dog proper access to food, water and plenty of exercise. And, don’t just leave him outside guarding your home at all times. When the weather gets too hot or too cold, bring him inside where it is more comfortable.

  3. 3. Install extra window security locks

    Extra window locks provide another level of security for your home. Most windows come standard with a simple lock, but those can be weak and easy to break. Make sure to keep the key to your lock somewhere you can get it in case you have to unlock it for a quick getaway yourself.

  4. 4. Timer on lights

    When a bad guy decides to enter your house, he has usually spent some time scoping it out, first. A dark house can mean a green light for thieves because it indicates that no one is home. You can counteract this by putting your lights on a timer. This creates the illusion that someone is home and moving from room to room.

  5. 5. Motion detector lights

    These lights are mounted outside your home. They help keep your property from becoming the ideal place to lurk. Motion detector lights only come on when they sense movement.

  6. 6. Keep a car in the driveway

    A car in your driveway is another signal to would-be burglars to stay away. They know an empty driveway could very well mean an empty house, and that means an opportunity to break in. If you know you will be going out of town for a while, leave your car in the driveway and take a cab to the airport. You should also remember to have your mail stopped or have a friend pick it up for you.

  7. 7. Security and NRA signs

    A sign warning passersby that you have a home security system in place lets potential thieves know that you mean business. Most burglars are looking for homes they can break into quickly and easily. Putting up a sign that signals that you have a home security system or are a proud member of the National Rifle Association shows that you are not an easy mark.

  8. 8. Sliding doors and window stops

    Up the security of your sliding glass doors and windows by inserting stops. Just like adding locks to your windows and doors, this is another way of adding another measure of security to your home. Thieves can easily get the best of older models of these doors by just popping them off their frame. To make sure this doesn’t happen, slide a strong bar into the window or door’s back groove.

  9. 9. Ask a friend to house sit

    One of the most tried and true methods of keeping your home safe from unwanted intruders is having a friend come occupy your home while you are out. This can be extra beneficial if you have pets or plants, because the person staying there can take care of them, too. Of course, you will want to remind them to lock all windows and doors when they leave, keep your mail from piling up inside your mail box and pick up any packages that are delivered to your home.

  10. 10. Be aware

    This is probably one of the most important ways you can keep your home safe and secure. Look at your home as a stranger would, and be aware of any security weak spots. Join forces with your neighbors to form a neighborhood watch – this way you can watch out for each other’s property and report suspicious people to the police. Burglars want to sneak in when no one is looking – being aware of your surroundings makes it hard to do that.

  11. No one wants to have their homes broken into. However, there are things you can do. Be smart and keep your eyes open for security risks in and around your home. For even more information, check out this RedBeacon guide: 5 Principals to Improve Home Security

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