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10 Ways to Remodel an Office and Attract New Hires

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > 10 Ways to Remodel an Office and Attract New Hires
10 Ways to Remodel an Office and Attract New Hires

A smart business owner knows that in order for his or her business to be successful, he or she must hire the right people. But that isn’t always an easy task. In this tough economy, just one job posting can yield hundreds if not thousands of job applications. That’s a mountain of resumes to sort through to find the best candidate for your business.


One great way to find the right candidate is to make your business attractive. How do you do that? It’s not just about a higher salary and great benefits (although those things help a lot). Think about ways to nurture and care for your employees. Make your work space the place they want to be so that they will want to give their best.


If you are stuck in the past, with stagnant ideas and boring grey cubicles – we are here to help. We can help you move into the future with the best and the brightest. Keep reading to find 10 ways to remodel an office and attract new hires.

  1. 1.Ditch the Cubicles

    Ditch the Cubicles

    Walk into the offices of big, forward-thinking companies like Google or Facebook and you’ll notice one big thing missing: walls. The heads of these companies have learned that employees work better when they are not confined to tiny little cubes. Open spaces encourage office interaction and keep lines of communication open. They can also make smaller office spaces seem large and airy – and less like a cage for animals at the zoo.

  2. 2.Employee Gym

    Employee Gym

    Studies have shown that the human brain works better after physical activity. Some companies have taken this idea a step farther by building gyms that employees can frequent on-site. If you have the budget for a project that large, you may want to consider it. And even if you can’t afford an entire gym, you may want to purchase a few pieces of gym equipment. You can designate some unused space or an unused office for employees who want to take a break from work and work up a sweat. Adding gym equipment can ensure your employees feel better and stay at work longer – which is great for your bottom line.

  3. Games


    A few fun games purchased and brought into the office might make your place of business seem more attractive to a qualified potential hire. Things like pool and table tennis encourage coworkers to have fun together and get along better. Sometimes it’s much easier to work through a tough problem while having fun, as opposed to the inside of a board room.

  5. Reflection Areas

    4.Reflection Areas

    Create small reflection areas for your office. That way, you can boast to potential hires that if they come to your company, they’ll have a place to go to relax and de-stress. These areas don’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes just a small room with dim lighting, a comfortable chair or mat and maybe a tabletop water fountain is all you need.

  6. Dry Erase Paint

    5.Paint Walls with Chalkboard and Dry Erase Paint

    Another fun thing you can do for your office is paint a wall (or walls) with chalkboard paint or dry erase paint. This is an easy improvement project that doesn’t cost much money to accomplish. This will encourage creativity and help keep projects and assignments on-track. It’s also much cooler looking than a regular old dry-erase board. It’s more modern and funky, and less like your eighth grade science class.

  7. Think About Color

    6.Think About Color

    Use bright, bold colors to bring energy and life to your office environment. Many offices are decorated using boring, neutral grays, whites and browns. The effect is employees that are so bored they want to go to sleep. Bright pops of happy colors can make your potential employees excited to come to work.

  8. 7.Upgrade your Kitchen

    Upgrade your Kitchen

    Most office kitchens are ugly, dismal places. There may be a refrigerator there (probably the cheapest the company could find), a sad outdated coffee machine, and a boring sink. Your potential employees will spend a lot of time in the office, and in the kitchen especially. Make it work their while. Find nice coffeemakers like the newer, single-cup models. You might even want to invest in an espresso maker. Put some thought into the décor to make it a place employees want to be. Buy a large table to that members of the company can sit together and talk while they eat.

  9. 8.Upgrade your Windows

    Upgrade your Windows

    No one wants to work in a windowless closet. Bring in light and sunshine with some new windows. If your office has small windows, see if it’s possible to put in larger ones. Keep window dressings light and airy so that workers can see the sights outside. Investing in new windows might help you, too. Some older models of windows aren’t very good insulators. Better insulated windows mean you spend less money heating and cooling your office space.

  10. 9.Take a Seat

    Take a Seat

    It might seem like a small thing, but the right seats can make all the difference when you are required to sit at a desk for long periods of time. If the seats in your office have seen better days, consider getting some newer ones. The new seats can be part of the new décor, helping your office feel hipper and younger. They can also help your employees feel more comfortable – which means higher productivity for you.

  11. 10.Go Back to School

    Go Back to School

    Recent college grads can make great employees. They bring a youthful energy and fresh enthusiasm that can ignite a whole company. Think of ways to make your office feel more like a college lounge. Cluster large oversized seats together so employees can relax and think. Provide tables with food and snacks. Keep your office environment fun and casual.


    Set the right tone in your office and you’ll have great employees banging down the door. Give it a little thought before you make any changes. Look around your office; ask yourself “would I want to work here?”

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