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3 Garage Door Opener Solutions

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Garage > 3 Garage Door Opener Solutions
3 Garage Door Opener Solutions

Once you move into a home with a garage, you wonder how you ever lived without them. Garages are a great way to protect your car from the elements and keep it safe from potential car thieves. They also provide extra storage for your home. But, like anything in life, there can be some drawbacks.


According to a 2009 survey taken from metropolitan police departments, approximately 50 percent of all residential burglaries occurred because a garage door was left open, was outdated or was no longer secure. It’s easy to get lazy and forget to lock or even close your garage door. That leaves you and your family wide open (pun intended) to thieves.


Security isn’t the only thing to take into consideration when you have a home with a garage. What are some other things to keep in mind?

  1. 1.Mechanical Problems

    According to a 2009 survey taken from metropolitan police departments, approximately 50 percent of all residential burglaries occurred because a garage door was left open, was outdated or was no longer secure.

    A garage door is often the largest moving object in your home, so when you are having a problem with it, it makes a big impact. Some common issues are the door not responding to the remote control garage door opener or trouble getting the door to open or close completely. It’s also common to report trouble with the gears or the motor used to open and shut the door. The first thing you should do when you are having problems with your garage door is to check the power sources. Check the batteries in your remote to make sure they don’t need to be replaced and make sure the opener itself is plugged in. You may also want to examine the track that the opener runs along to slide the door open and shut. Make sure to keep all the moving parts of the garage door well lubricated. If it has one, check the sensor to make sure it is in working order.

  2. 2.Safety Issues

    Treat your garage door like your front door. You wouldn’t just leave your front door open and unlocked, so don’t do that with your garage door, either. Make sure everyone who lives in your household and uses the garage knows about the importance of making sure your door is completely shut. “An open door is an open invitation to thieves,” said Chris Long, executive director of the International Door Association. “Thieves are also targeting remote controls that are not locked up in vehicles parked outside.” Try installing an open door monitor that lets you know when the door has been left open.

  4. 3.Aesthetic Concerns

    Changing your garage door is one way to update the look of your home. “Garage doors often make up more than one-third of a home’s front façade,” says website “If your garage door is bland, chances are your home looks bland and boring, too.” There are lots of decorative options when it comes to selecting a garage door – they come in a variety of different materials and colors.


    Your garage can add another level of comfort and security to your home. Garages aren’t just places to keep your car – they are play areas, work areas, and havens from the outdoors. But, make sure you keep your garage in working order and lock it up after you have pulled inside. That’s the easiest way to keep yourself safe and your garage working well for years to come.

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