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3 Tips for Moving Across the Country

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Moving > 3 Tips for Moving Across the Country
3 Tips for Moving Across the Country

Cross-country moves can be very exciting. The thrill of a new job in a new place complete with all sorts of new sights, sounds, and experiences to be had can be an adventure unlike any other. Unfortunately, there is a downside to moving all of the contents of your home a few thousand miles, and it can be expressed in a single word: Headache. Here are three important tips that will help you reduce the stress of moving across the country and free your mind up to focus on all the great things a big move can bring.

  1. The farther you are moving, the more important it will be to find a good price.

    1.Avoid Summer Moves

    According to the National Association of Realtors, the least expensive time of year to move is between the months of October and April. The farther you are moving, the more important it will be to find a good price. July is, on the other hand, the busiest time for movers and shippers, and hiring them during this time may come with a price hike.


    Of course, not all of us will have the luxury of choosing the exact month we move in. If your move is scheduled for summer and there's not much you can do about it, be on the lookout for coupons (both in flyers and newspapers as well as online) issued by moving companies. It may also save you a little dough if your move takes place during the week rather than over a weekend.

  2. 2.Streamline Your Possessions

    Think about it: If everything you needed would fit into the trunk of your car, any cross-country move would involve a lot less hassle. However, since most of us couldn't fit the contents of our homes into 20 car trunks (much less only one), the best we can hope to do is get rid of all the things that are not essential or contain some sentimental value.


    Yard sales and garage sales are the classic methods of streamlining your possessions and getting a little extra cash to boot, but today, online resources of many varieties offer lots of options that are just as (if not more) effective. Online auctions and classifieds offer you the opportunity to sell off items that you know you won't need or those that are simply too bulky to transport efficiently. If you begin using these resources early, you may find that you not only gain a little extra money and have fewer items to pack, but are also able to save money on the size of your rental and fuel costs.

  4. 3.Consider Renting a Portable Storage Unit

    One of the most uncomfortable things about a cross-country move is the feeling of being rushed. There are plenty of things to do both in your current home and your future one, and adding loading and packing a truck in only one or two days to the mix really adds a lot of haste to the process.


    Portable storage units are available just about anywhere and because you can rent them for a day, a week, a month, or even longer if necessary, they allow you to gradually and effectively pack your belongings at your own pace. Once the unit is filled, a truck will come to your house, load up the unit, and drive it to your new home (where you can again unload it at a pace that feels comfortable to you). Cheaper than hiring movers and less hectic than loading up a truck that you only have for a few days, many have found that utilizing a portable storage unit is the best balance of practicality and affordability for their purposes.


    Of course, the easiest way to move cross-country is to hire a full-service moving company to do the packing, loading, and transporting for you. This option is certainly cost-prohibitive for some, but good deals on these services do exist and are worth a few phone calls to check out.

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