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5 Appliances that Should be Energy Efficient

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > 5 Appliances that Should be Energy Efficient
5 Appliances that Should be Energy Efficient

There has been a burst of energy-efficient products that have come out in the recent years, but some of the products that still haven’t been updated is a bit questionable. Appliances that use much of total household energy should always be offered in energy-efficient ways to help be cost effective and also help the environment.


We have compiled a list of five different household appliances that should always be offered in energy-efficient forms. These may include products that normally take up a large amount of energy and cost you more money to run normally.

  1. 1.Furnace Heating or Central Air Conditioning

    Whether you are hopping in the shower for a hot rinse or are trying to dry those new clothes, heating your water takes about four thousand watts to work.

    These are two popular staples within the home that get lots of attention during the hotter and cooler months. Sometimes ceiling fans and floor heaters just aren’t enough and you need the extra power. But that power costs you about $1.50 to run each hour and uses around fifteen thousand watts to operate. Electric temperature controlled systems within your house use up a lot of your total household energy output and would serve us much better if they were somehow more energy efficient. We’re still waiting on better systems energy-wise on this one. Using a space heater or some type of electric blanket can really help on those cooler days; ceiling fans and misting handheld fans are a live-saver on those sweaty summer days.

  2. 2.Water Heater/Clothes Dryer

    This is another appliance that is used quite often during our daily lives. Whether you are hopping in the shower for a hot rinse or are trying to dry those new clothes, heating your water takes about four thousand watts to work. Studies have shown that with the added component of soap and shampoo, each shower you take costs about one dollar. Water heaters should be built more efficiently so that we can get the hot water we need without all the extra energy being spent.

  3. 3.Refrigerator

    While it is true that there are some energy-efficient brands out there carrying refrigerators, it should be mandatory that ever fridge be more energy efficient. This is because a refrigerator can be running for around ten hours a day easily just trying to keep the milk cold and that is constant energy that is being put out from your home. One cool thing that the company Energy Star does is offer rebates for junking your old fridge to invest in a newer energy-saving one. Every house should have its own energy-conserving refrigerator to be able to save more money each year.

  4. 4.Toaster/Toaster Oven

    Toasters and toaster ovens are two common staples of a modern day kitchen that use about 800-1400 watts each. These appliances should be offered in a more energy-efficient design so that people don’t have to feel guilty about trying to cook their food. Although using the appliance is short lived (since no one usually needs a toaster oven for more than twenty minutes) the cost is not terrible, but since they are commonly used it would be very helpful to offer different models.

  5. 5.Dishwasher

    Dishwashers are another energy goblin that seems to creep up on us because of our frequent use with this appliance. A dishwasher can put out anywhere from 1200 to 2400 watts. This can be lowered simply by purchasing an energy-conserving brand. Dishwashers should always be energy efficient because of how often they are used. Keep in mind that when you use the “dry dishes” feature on a dishwasher, you are increasing your energy output even more. If you are looking for a small way to save, start hand drying your dishes instead of using the easy-clean feature.


    There are a lot of appliances within the home that should be more energy efficient. Some are already offered and are available on the market, while others I believe should be mandatory to purchase as energy-conserving brands. The bigger energy output an appliance has, the more important it is to switch it to an energy-efficient product.

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