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5 Benefits Garage Floor Painting

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > 5 Benefits Garage Floor Painting
5 Benefits Garage Floor Painting

Painting your garage floor can be a time consuming endeavor. Between washing the floor, sealing any cracks in the pavement and attempting to remove any moisture, it can take up your entire weekend before you even put down the first layer of paint. But with that said, there are benefits to painting your garage that will reap rewards long after the work is done.


If you’re still on the fence about whether painting your garage is worth the effort, here are five reasons why you may want to move forward with this project.

  1. By putting a coating over your concrete floor, you are providing additional insulation from heat and cold that lowers the chances of a crack developing in the future.

    1.Spill Proof

    If you like to work on your car in your garage, you’ve probably run into situations where you’ve spilled grease or oil on the cement floor. A stain like this can take a long time to remove from this kind of surface. Several garage paints are resistant to these types of substances and make clean up easy. Instead of absorbing into the porous cement texture, the oil or grease will become as easy to clean up as mopping a substance off your kitchen floor.

  2. 2.Dust Prevention

    Concrete doesn’t cooperate well when you are trying to sweep the floor of your garage. Often times dust will build up in crevices or cracks and it’s near impossible to clean. An even coating over your garage floor will help keep the dust off the floor and out of your home. With a dust free garage floor, your car and other toys will just look better too.

  3. 3.The Color

    This is probably the most common reason people want to paint or coat their garage floor. It just looks better and can add value to your home. If you’re a car fanatic and have a high priced automobile, consider painting the floor a color that will compliment your car.

  4. 4.Enhances Lighting

    This goes hand in hand with choosing the right color. You can turn your drab and dull cement floor into one that rivals a fancy car showroom. Depending on what type of lights you use, you can really put a shine on your car, tools or whatever else you have in your garage that you want to show off.

  5. 5.Less Maintenance

    If you’re concrete garage floor is old, you may have some cracks and crevices. Concrete does not respond well to the extremely cold or hot conditions during summer or winter. By putting a coating over your concrete floor, you are providing additional insulation from heat and cold that lowers the chances of a crack developing in the future. Most quality garage paints come with 10 year or longer guarantee.


    There are many number of reasons why someone may want to paint their garage floor. As outlined, this can be one of the most time intensive paint jobs for your entire home. Even the prep work cleaning the cement, removing stains and filling cracks with sealant can take a long time. If you want the benefits of a painted garage floor but don’t have the time or energy to put in the work, consider hiring an expert.

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