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5 Contemporary Foyer Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > 5 Contemporary Foyer Ideas
5 Contemporary Foyer Ideas

Oftentimes, home foyers get no love. That’s because they’re not really seen as spaces that can be decorated and enhanced, rather just a means to get somewhere else inside the home.


You know that your foyer isn’t just a place to store winter coats and hats; rather, it can be just as tasteful and beautiful as the rest of your home. How do you get started making your foyer look good?

  1. 1.Keep Your Foyer Simple

    Modern design is all about the idea that less is more. It’s not always about a lot of fancy frills and details, sometimes just a few beautiful pieces are all it takes. That could be a simple mirror that you really love or maybe a chair that you inherited from your grandmother. Look for one strong piece and then add one or two other things – a table cloth, a small framed photo, a rug – to accent that piece

  2. Sometimes, the foyer is the place people store hats, coats and boots, so think of attractive and innovative ways to store those things
  3. 2.Add a Pop of Color

    For the first time in a long time, homeowners are more open to bright, expressive color in the home. Pinks, greens, blues – all parts of the rainbow are welcome. The key is to not go overboard, instead find just one part and make that be the focus. Find one color that suits your personality and paint one wall of your foyer with it.

  4. 3.Mix the Foyer Up

    Now is not the time to decide you must be beholden to one era, style or price point to decorate your home. You can mix together all different types of things to create a home that is distinctly you. Mix it up with a mid-century chair and an antique painting. Pair something pricy with something purchased at a discount store. There are no rules – if it looks good, go with it!

  5. 4.Think About Foyer Flooring

    Your foyer is a great way to use different flooring options to decorate your home. Think about using decorative tile, beautiful rich wood or even cement. Tile flooring is also a good choice for your foyer. Not only is it beautiful, tile is strong enough to stand up to any mud, snow or water that your guests may bring into your home.

  6. 5.Foyer Storage Solutions

    Sometimes, the foyer is the place people store hats, coats and boots, so think of attractive and innovative ways to store those things. Nowadays, there are so many storage options to choose from – find some that show off your style. Look for beautiful coat racks or interesting hooks. Storage units that include fun-colored bins could be a great way to store boots and heavy shoes.


    Home ownership isn’t just about duties and responsibilities – it can be fun, too. Decorating your home shows off who you are – don’t miss the opportunity to do that anywhere in your home, even in your foyer!

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