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5 Creative Driveway Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Driveway > 5 Creative Driveway Ideas
5 Creative Driveway Ideas

The driveway is often overlooked as an opportunity for creative, functional design. Granted, we always think of driveways as large applications of concrete or asphalt, typically in existence to serve a single function – take my car from the street to the garage.


But don’t let the “standard” be your excuse for not having an interesting driveway! With a little imagination and proper management of materials, you could have a unique driveway at the fraction of the cost you might pay for a “standard” drive!

  1. 1.Going Green

    Who knew that paving bricks and ground covers could be great building blocks for the greenest driveway around? These materials are not cubes of hard rock, but rather cookie-cutter in spirit, giving you the potential to lay them out, secure them and then grow shrubbery up through them! Imagine driving your car up a checkerboard of green and grey. As these paving bricks are still bricks, they will have to be laid in place accordingly – but the results can be stunning!


    Get those bricks in place and add some low-growing greenery such as a creeper breed of plant or mint, and you’re in business.

  3. 2.The Beauty of Bricks

    Getting three different colors in brick, treat the different hues as your dabs of paint on a blank canvas… a blank canvas you can drive on!

    We all have seen some incredible brickwork in our lives. Be it along the outside of a building or a walking path in a busy downtown quad, bricks have the potential to be both functional and artistic. Use that artistic side of you in your driveway!


    Getting three different colors in brick, treat the different hues as your dabs of paint on a blank canvas… a blank canvas you can drive on! Opt for traditional mosaic patterns, or come up with something entirely on your own! Either way, nicely-laid brickwork with an artistic flair can bring any home to life!

  4. 3.Asphalt, Brick’s Doppelganger

    Believe it or not, there are some incredible things that professionals can do with asphalt. Perhaps you’ve been avoiding choosing this medium for your driveway because you simply didn’t want that “boring black color” ruining the paint job on your home and creating a visually unappealing scenario.


    Well, guess what? Asphalt is the new black! Wait! The new blue! No! The new red! That’s right, asphalt can be colored with a very durable process of treatment, and can even be stamped into patterns! You could have a brick driveway without ever having a brick driveway!

  5. 4.Back to the Stone Age

    Stone has been a staple material for architecture and design since it was first invented by Mother Earth. And that’s a long time. Nowadays, truly elegant driveways employ the natural undertones and subtle nuances of natural stone. A quick call to your local quarry or stone dealer can give you an idea of the local varieties to choose from, and local masons can help you select a stone that is not only beautiful, but durable and capable of handling full-size vehicles day in and day out. Now you’ve got a driveway that rocks!

  6. 5.Make a Stage for Your Vehicles

    With the beautiful design and luminance that borders and lighting can do for your driveway, your neighbor the car dealer may want to shoot his next commercial next door! You can custom design and make edgings on the borders of your driveway, as well as install lighting systems that lay flush with the surface of your driveway for added resplendence on the ground.

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