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5 Creative Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > 5 Creative Fireplace Mantel Ideas
5 Creative Fireplace Mantel Ideas

A fireplace in your home can not only be functional but can also be made aesthetically pleasing. The mantel on the fireplace is often ignored and left unattended in many homes. Traditional, contemporary, or classic fireplace mantels can all be creatively transformed into a showcase for a hobby, a collection, or family memorabilia.


No special permits are required for any kind of fireplace mantel improvement projects. You would have obtained the necessary clearances at the time of construction of your fireplace. Just ensure that your beautification project does not clash with any safety regulations.

  1. 1.Not Beyond Your Capability

    There are numerous ways in which you can enhance the beauty of your mantel. For this, you may not even have to look beyond the boundaries of your own property. Using materials available inside your home and within your yard, you can totally revamp the way your fireplace mantel looks. You can complete the makeover in a matter of a few hours or in a maximum time of one day.

  2. There are numerous ways in which you can enhance the beauty of your mantel. For this, you may not even have to look beyond the boundaries of your own property.
  3. 2.Natural Beauty

    You can bring the outdoors inside your home by decking up the fireplace mantel with fresh flowers and plants from your garden (if you have one; if you do not, do not worry, there are other ways to invoke mantle decoration). You can arrange the flowers in attractive displays and place them in a little water or spray some water periodically to keep them fresh for a couple of days. The colorful flowers can be offset with arrangements of greenery such as bonsai plants or other decorative plants. The advantage of this display is that it will cost you almost nothing and can be frequently replenished with different flowers every other day. This will ensure that you have a fresh and new arrangement all the time.

  4. 3.Artistic Touch

    Putting up framed art all over the mantel in a unified manner such as having similar colored frames can be visually appealing. Interior decorators recommend that the number of frames you use must be odd and the sizes should not vary by that much. If you are using mid-sized frames, then stick to those and a few small-sized ones. You can also have a theme for your display. For instance, if you prefer abstract art then make sure that all the prints displayed in the frames are in keeping in line and parallel with this theme.

  5. 4.Formal Look

    If the room where your fireplace is situated exudes a formal air, then you might want the mantel to reflect this too. You can achieve an elegant look by opting for an arrangement of candle sticks and candle stands, an antique mantel clock, and lovely crystal figurines. If you do not have crystal or if it is beyond your budget, you could choose glass objects which will also serve the purpose well. The items you choose to place on the mantel must correlate with the color scheme adopted in the room décor.


    If you do not feel comfortable decorating your mantle or your home in this manner and are having trouble coming up with ideas, you can always hire an interior decorator to give you some ideas. Many men are not good at this and may not have ever had to do this before, well, there are people who do this professionally and they have pictures and information you will covet once shown to you.

  6. 5.Minimalist

    If you are someone who does not like a lot of knick-knacks or objects scattered all over your fireplace mantel, then the minimalist look might just be your style. Here, a single object such as a beautiful sculpture or an elegant vase can be strategically placed to attract attention to your mantel. The object chosen must be one that goes with the décor and color scheme of the room.

  7. 6.Color Coding

    Using color to enhance your fireplace mantel is yet another creative idea. You can group objects of the same color together on the mantel to create an appealing display. The objects on the mantel can range from picture frames to flower vases to ceramic bowls and fresh flowers. You can play around with different accents of the same shade. The advantage with this idea is that you can change the color scheme whenever you wish and give the room a new look every few days―certainly every season and holiday. You can have an Easter and a Christmas theme for instance.


    These are but some creative ideas that can help spruce up your fireplace mantel. You do not have to adhere to one particular idea and combining two or more of these can help you concoct something that is uniquely yours. All it takes is some practice, trial and error, and some research.

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