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5 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > 5 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas
5 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

The options available for outdoor lighting are as varied and extensive as your imagination. Whether your taste tends toward the basic or the elaborate, you can create virtually any effect you desire with outdoor lights.


Many communities have stringent policies and laws in place governing outdoor lighting and light pollution. Once you educate yourself thoroughly about outdoor lighting, you’ll be ready to utilize five creative outdoor lighting ideas that will set your landscape apart from the rest.

  1. Fill each wine bottle about three-quarters full with lamp oil and then add a long wick that extends out from the top of the wine bottle.

    1.Mason Jars

    The options are almost limitless with a collection of mason jars. You could drill holes into the lids and install a light socket in each jar. Screw a light bulb into each jar and then get ready to mount the jars in a variety of ways. You could also use battery-powered light bulbs for even easier construction. String the jars by wire along outdoor buildings or fences.

  2. 2.Wine Bottles

    Collect a variety of wine bottles in any shape, size and color to create gorgeous outdoor lighting. Remove the labels to prepare the wine bottles. The best part about this idea – absolutely no electricity necessary. Purchase lamp oil from a hardware store or home improvement store – it even comes in many different colors for added affect. Fill each wine bottle about three-quarters full with lamp oil and then add a long wick that extends out from the top of the wine bottle. Light the wicks and you’ve got instant long-burning lights with plenty of character.


    Arrange a grouping of wine bottles as a centerpiece on an outdoor table. Mount the wine bottles along a fence for pleasant perimeter lighting.

  3. 3.Punched Cans

    Save soup cans for a few months and you’ll be ready to create an outdoor lighting display that will draw every eye. Drill holes in the soup cans in a variety of designs to allow the light to pass through the cans. Spray the insides and outsides of the cans with spray paint in decorator colors.


    Arrange the cans along the perimeter of your yard, porch or patio and add a votive candle to each can. Alternatively, you could also drill holes at opposite top edges of the cans and string them on a wire. Hang the lighted cans along a driveway or fence for a distinctive display.

  5. 4.Holiday Light Strings

    It’s usually easy to find outdoor structures for hanging holiday light strings outdoors. From fences to trellises to trees in the backyard, string lights back and forth in the yard for charming outdoor ambiance. The light strings needn’t be fancy or elaborate – you can add your own whimsical touches to make them perfect for outdoor decor. Try placing tiny lampshades over every bulb or frilly paper muffin liners could even serve as lampshades.

  6. 5.Metal Bucket Floating Candles

    Fill an old galvanized bucket to the top with water – the older and more rustic, the better. Add an assortment of floating candles to the water and light them. You could even sprinkle some rose petals onto the surface of the water for added charm.


    Once you begin thinking creatively to solve your outdoor lighting needs, you may be surprised what you design.

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