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5 Creative Photo Hanging Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Living Room > 5 Creative Photo Hanging Ideas
5 Creative Photo Hanging Ideas

While you can hang photos and pictures in the standard fashion, a little imagination never hurt a wall. Get innovative with your picture-hanging designs and your walls will come alive with bold energy. Whether you’re hanging photos of the ones you love or other stills that you enjoy, put some fun thought into the way you hang your art.


Try five simple, yet creative, photo-hanging ideas that will make your walls pop with vibrant imagination. You’ll pull all eyes to your clever display where you proudly show off your photos.

  1. 1.Art Wall

    Turn an entire wall of your home into a gallery wall or an art wall, similar to an art gallery or museum. Mix and match photo sizes, frames, styles and colors to create an innovative and imaginative display of your favorite photos. You can fit them together like a giant puzzle, filling up a large or a small space. Make the space between the photos narrow or wide depending on the number of photos you have to display. When guests encounter your art wall, they’ll feel the need to examine each photo to experience the entire montage. This can be a fun conversation-starter for parties and get-togethers.

  2. Whichever way you choose to display your photos, a spark of imagination will add interest to your artwork. Conversations will ensue and guests will enjoy discovering the photographs you hold dear to your heart.
  3. 2.Ribbons

    Skip the hammer and nails and opt for brightly colored ribbons to hang your photos instead. Start with hooks along the ceiling where you want to hang your photos. Cut varying lengths of ribbon – the idea is to hang your photos at different heights for variety and visual interest. Space the photos along the wall so they fill the space and the hanging ribbons will add a splash of color to the finished design.

  4. 3.Frameless

    Try enlarging photographs to poster size for a vivid display that will take center stage in a room. Once you’ve got these life-size posters, mount them without frames on the wall. The effect will be stunning and bold, with a contemporary flair. You could also try skipping the color in the photos and going for sepia or black and white tones for even more voguish elegance.

  5. 4.Shelves

    Try narrow shelves painted to match the wall color. Once you install the shelving to perfection, use them to hold an assortment of framed photographs. Mix up the sizes, frames and styles of the photos for a pleasing display. Overlap some frames so larger ones sit behind smaller ones in front for a random and casual effect.

  6. 5.Wooden Hangers

    A collection of traditional wooden clothes hangers can be an ideal way to display photographs. These wooden hangers often come with special clips designed to hold clothing, making them perfect for clipping and holding unframed photographs. Center each photograph on a hanger, clipped with the clips. Hang each hanger on the wall with a decorative wooden knob and your pictures will make an impressive display. Cluster a grouping of hangers for another variation of the gallery wall.


    Whichever way you choose to display your photos, a spark of imagination will add interest to your artwork. Conversations will ensue and guests will enjoy discovering the photographs you hold dear to your heart. Don’t forget to add new ones to keep your display current. A combination of vintage and current photos adds extra charm to your walls, pulling the past into the present.

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