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5 Great Garage Design Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > 5 Great Garage Design Ideas
5 Great Garage Design Ideas

Unless you had a role in the design of your home, there's a good chance that the garage you have is was not designed to accommodate the specific needs of your household. Some people use their garages for storage. Others use the space as a living area or home office. And, of course, there are those who put their garages to multiple uses, often in addition to parking their cars. No matter what your specific needs are, there's likely to be a garage design that will help you meet them better. estimates that there are more than 65 million garages in the U.S. and though many may be similar (even identical) in design, none will be the perfect fit for you without a few mild to moderate customizations. Many homeowners, unfortunately, end up living for years with a garage that doesn't fit their needs only to find out later that this space could have been cleaner, more versatile, and better functioning with just a few alterations. Here are five of the most popular garage design ideas around to help you on your way to planning a space that better serves your needs.

  1. 1.Overhead Storage

    Your garage can be a great space to work on the car, refinish furniture, or send the kids off to when they get their first band together...

    Most homeowners are aware that overhead storage is available for garage spaces, but few realize what an incredible impact this minor investment can have. By lifting the items you store in your garage off the floor, you'll protect them from crawling insects, scampering rodents, and (perhaps most importantly) damage due to flooding and moisture. Overhead storage is available in many different varieties. Some units are little more than plastic bins on tracks fastened to the ceiling that are appropriate for storing a multitude of different items. Others are designed to store specific items that would otherwise take up a lot of room like bikes or kayaks. None are likely to break the bank, and all will make a big difference in the amount of usable space your garage has to offer.

  2. 2.Climate Control

    Your garage can be a great space to work on the car, refinish furniture, or send the kids off to when they get their first band together, but if it's too hot or too cold to inhabit, the space becomes far less likely to be used. Adding temperature control (and corresponding insulation) can change all that. Stand-alone heaters and in-wall air conditioners will do the trick, but some homeowners have gone the extra mile and extended the main house's climate control components to the garage.

  4. 3.Loft Bedrooms/Apartments

    Depending on the size of the main house and the size of your family, spare sleeping quarters can be difficult to come by. Remodeling attics and basements are certainly a solution, as are traditional home additions, but in the right situation, a garage loft bedroom can give you a perfectly functional new living space without many of the difficulties (and expenses) associated with upgrading these other areas. To really get the most out of this project, consider adding a small bathroom and kitchenette, making the bedroom into an efficiency apartment.

  5. 4.Store 2 Cars in a 1 Car Garage

    Though it might sound impossible, a few innovative engineers have figured out a way to fit 2 cars into a one car garage. The secret here is, again, overhead space. Using a powerful lift, one car is raised up high enough that the second car can actually park underneath it. This design is certainly not going to work for everyone (or be a viable option in every garage), but the idea of keeping the commuter car handy and safe while still having the "fun" car protected within the garage may be a perfect fit for some homeowners.

  6. 5.Cabinets and Shelving

    Maybe not as flashy as some of the others, but extremely practical and affordable, a good system of cabinets and shelves will allow those who are already organized to use their garage space more efficiently and offer those with garages in disarray a little room to breathe. Garage cabinets and shelving is exposed to many conditions that their indoor cousins are not, though, so be sure that you purchase well-built cabinets made from materials that are built to withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations.

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