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5 Important Swimming Pool Remodel Questions

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Pool and Hot Tub > 5 Important Swimming Pool Remodel Questions
5 Important Swimming Pool Remodel Questions

Your in-ground pool has seen better days. Maybe it’s time for a face-lift. Obviously, this is not a DIY project. You will need to hire a contractor to remodel your pool.

  1. 1.Best Times

    As with every contractor, there are certain matters which are universal. Only hire businesses that have comprehensive liability insurance.

    The remodeling job requires timing, like what time-of-year is best to book a project of this magnitude? Spring and summer are usually the periods when we think about swimming. Everyone wants their pool ready for summer in spring. That’s a good example of bad timing.


    Think autumn or winter. The big advantage being is that you’re not using it from after Labor Day to before Saint Paddy’s Day, unless you live in tropical climes. The pool renovation biz has “busy seasons” and “not-so-busy seasons.”

  2. 2.Credentials

    Any job done using outside help will require a little research. You want someone competent and professional. Here’s a rundown of what you want your pool contractor to demonstrate before signing any contract:

    • • Make a list of 3-or-4 potential contractors
    • • Head over to the Better Business Bureau website and see if anyone has cited them for shoddy work
    • • Get a list of referrals and how long ago the work was done
    • • Carefully read the contract. Don’t be afraid to say, “Can I look at this overnight?”
    • • Find out if they have a warranty for their work and what it covers
  3. 3.Timetable

    How long will it take to give your pool a make-over? Asking the contractor to do a fix-up is wildly different than a total face-lift. Let’s say it’s being refinished with plaster or something like Pebble Tec®. Usually that takes a little over a week. Going extreme will, obviously, take more time.


    Considering that you are looking for a complete remodeling, your entire back yard (including stuff like new concrete decking, plumbing and equipment), will be off-bounds for a while. The work could take a month-or-two. It all depends on what you want, need and like.

  4. 4.Protection

    As with every contractor, there are certain matters which are universal. Only hire businesses that have comprehensive liability insurance. Don’t stop there; ask if the owner has Workers Comp for their employees.


    This is for your protection. Some contractors sub-contract. It’s cheaper that way because the head of the company doesn’t have to pay the additional costs for employee benefits. Considering that’s the case in this example.

  5. 5.Preparation

    Things are about to get a little messy. There will be lots of dust, noise and associated chatter. You’re going to want to ask the contractor what you will need to do before the work begins. Here’s an additionally practical reason to look at a fall-or-winter remodeling: You will need to keep your windows shut during this remodel.

  6. 6.Water

    You’re going to need water. Filling the empty space can be simply done by turning on your faucet. However, if you have well-water that’s a bit on the funky side, you can buy H2O by the truck. It costs a bit more money, but you do have that as an option.


    Do you have soft water? You’re going to want to speak with a specialist as to how to handle that situation. You will need to take special precautions. Make sure the contractor is aware of the soft water-issue before construction.

  7. Following these suggestions will help you get that old pool into shape for the bathing suit season.


    To learn how much it costs to remodel a pool, see our Pool Remodeling Cost Guide.

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