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5 Key Garage Organizing Tips

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Garage > 5 Key Garage Organizing Tips
5 Key Garage Organizing Tips

The garage can quickly become the dumping ground for all the stuff you don’t want in the house. Add to that children who just think it is easier to put things in there than clean their rooms and you have a dysfunctional space that hardly holds a car and where you cannot get any work done. If you take the time to organize your garage you will be able to find things again and get things done in a more efficient way.

  1. 1.Look Up!

    Unlike inside the house you can really use all the space in the garage. Use the high shelves and hang things from the ceiling. The extra height above the cars can be used for storage of tools, bikes, surfboards and anything else you might need to store. The more vertical space you use, the more space you free on the ground for working and organizing other items.

  2. For you tools, consider putting peg boards up. This allows you to constantly change the configuration for your new acquisitions or to make up for tools you get rid of.
  3. 2.Ditch and Clean

    You need to go through your garage. It is very important to truly look at all the items you have and see what you can donate or trash. Often you throw stuff in the garage and forget all about it. You may find duplicate items or things your family has grown out of. Get rid of anything you don’t plan on using in the next year. Find a good home for these things so they can be used by someone else.

  4. 3.Build Work Areas

    Choose areas for workspace. By choosing where you might do wood work or build a workbench you can actually store tools more efficiently. This space should always be clear so that the work can actually get done.

  5. 4.Give it a Title

    Labels are key. You should label every area, every box and every drawer. By doing this, you can find things quickly, even those tools you don’t use very often. Getting ready for the holidays or other special events will go much faster and you will even be able to put things back in place more quickly.

  6. 5.Keep it Together

    Group items together, just like you would have the kids do in your home or you would do in your kitchen. Keeping like things together only makes sense. Usually you will want to use the things at the same time and by putting them together you save time looking for everything you need. In addition, it makes more sense and helps you remember where you have put the tools or decorations you need.


    Organizing your garage helps you get things done around the house more quickly. You may find you have much more room than you expected, you can clean out closets and get things outside the home. Reducing clutter makes housekeeping go faster and gives you more free time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

  7. 6.New Cabinets for Storage

    Place all of your things into cabinets. It is often easy to just leave things sitting out in the garage, but putting things behind closed doors helps to keep things looking neater. Not only that, you can label the sections so that everything is easier to find. Even in the cabinets you should group like items together.

  8. 7.Peg Boards, Alterable Organization

    For you tools, consider putting peg boards up. This allows you to constantly change the configuration for your new acquisitions or to make up for tools you get rid of. Nothing in the garage is ever permanent, so you want a storage facility that can change as you change what you own, what you need or even your hobbies. By simple moving pegs around you can always change hanging items or even build new shelves without having to build new shelving or drawers.

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