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5 Lawn Mowing Tips That You May Not Have Known

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > 5 Lawn Mowing Tips That You May Not Have Known
5 Lawn Mowing Tips That You May Not Have Known

Lawn mowing is a practice that requires a low level of skills and can make a huge impact on your curb appeal. The right technique of mowing the lawn is essential to ensure its proper upkeep. This will promote growth of deeper roots which will not only ensure the grass grows thicker and denser, but will also help the grass stay on during drought conditions.


Just a few simple tips can help make lawn mowing a quick and easy process. It is best to mow lawns when the grass is dry. Otherwise, it can lead to accidents and also increases chances of diseases occurring. It is also easier because the blades will not slip off of the grass if the grass is dry which will make the cut smoother and cleaner. Evening is a better time for mowing the lawn rather than when the sun is high up.

  1. 1.Height is Important

    The recommended height that grass must be cut will vary depending on the breed of grass. This is even more important during the hotter months. When the weather is cool, it is acceptable to occasionally mow at shorter lengths. The suggested formula is snipping off one-third the length of the grass. One tip is to cut grass that is too long, at the highest possible lawn mower setting and then cutting the lawn in a few days at the normal setting.

  2. Everybody mows the lawn, but not everyone pays attention to the finishing.
  3. 2.Finishing Touches

    Everybody mows the lawn, but not everyone pays attention to the finishing. Edging and trimming are essential at the end of every mowing session. Though these mean almost the same, they use slightly different tools and this is also the primary difference between the two. As the term suggests, edgers help neatly trim the lawn beside the sidewalk or driveway. Trimmers, meanwhile, are more versatile and can be used anywhere including hard surfaces as well as nooks and crannies.

  4. 3.Techniques

    Spirals and rows are the two common ways in which lawns are mowed. Irrespective of which type of mower is being used, it is suggested that the same patch is not mowed over again in the same session. Every time you mow, you should do so in a different direction as well. This will help prevent the grass from becoming coarse.

  5. 4.Practice Safety

    Before you start mowing, walk over the lawn and make sure there is no debris, toys, or other stuff left on the lawn that might get caught in the mower. You may want to wear protective gear particularly on your hands and over your eyes to keep them. Sensible footwear (not sandals) is also a must when mowing. Precautions must also be taken to protect yourself from pollen allergies if you are susceptible to them.

  6. 5.Organic Care

    An electric or push mower can cut down on your contribution to environmental pollution and make less noise as compared to a gas mower but it will be significantly more difficult. When seeking to open the door into the organic realm with lawn care, you first need to consider the soil as a living thing or being. By having your soil tested you can know the amount of nutrients it contains and what more it requires. The mown grass clippings should be left where they lie as they are a form of natural fertilizer. As they decompose they will return nutrients to the soil.

These few tips on lawn mowing will help you stay safe and mow your lawn the right way without having to make any compromises. Your neighbors will see your lawn sparkling and will be asking for turf secrets in no time.

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