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5 Questions to Ask an Air Conditioning Specialist

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Heating & Cooling > 5 Questions to Ask an Air Conditioning Specialist
5 Questions to Ask an Air Conditioning Specialist

When you are considering changing or upgrading your air conditioning system it is important to speak with a specialist. If you don’t have a current system and you want to add one to your home, you definitely need the help of an experienced professional in order to ensure you get what is right for your home. There are a few things you should ask a specialist to know you are getting what you want.


Energystar offers information about saving money on units as well as the federal tax credits available to those who wish to participate. This can save you money now and in the future.


There are a few questions everyone should consider when they are getting a new air conditioning unit. Talking to your specialist is the best resource, especially since they can see specifically what your needs are.

  1. Different units work better with different thermostats and you want your installer to be comfortable with putting in the thermostat you choose.

    1.Is it More Economical to Operate the Fan on My Air Conditioning Unit or Other Fans?

    Depending on what unit you are installing, it may be okay to run the fan instead of house fans. You need to ask your specialist about your unit and what is recommended. Most of the time it less energy to run house fans than the AC unit fan.

  2. 2.Should I shut the Vents in Unused Rooms?

    Some air conditioning units can handle you shutting off the vents in certain rooms, but not all. The closing of vents causes a build up in pressure in some air conditioners and this can cause bigger problems down the road. It is more important for you to maintain the health of the unit rather than save money on a few rooms. Your specialist will know what is best for your unit.

  3. 3.Should I Allow the House to Heat Up?

    Most units run at maximum efficiency after seven to ten minutes of use. This means, if you let your home heat up while you are at work or you let the bedrooms get warmer during the day you can actually save money. Then when you go to the cool those rooms at night, your AC is running more efficiently and cost effectively than before. Your air conditioning professional can give you the specifics of your unit.

  4. 4.Which Programmable Thermostat do You Recommend?

    If you are wanting to work with a programmable thermostat to more closely control the temperature in your home, you should ask your professional what they recommend. Different units work better with different thermostats and you want your installer to be comfortable with putting in the thermostat you choose.

  5. 5.What Size Air Conditioner is Best for My Home?

    There are many things to consider when determining the size of the air conditioner you need for your home. Not only do you need something that can handle your square footage, but you also need to consider the empty space from floor to ceiling. Your air conditioning specialist can help you decide what unit is best for you and your home. You might even need two units depending on the size of your home.


    By working with a trained specialist you are sure to get what you need. This can make the process run much more smoothly and save you money in the long run.

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