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5 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaners

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > 5 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaners
5 Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaners

Unfortunately the carpet in your hallway or for that matter, the one in the living room is not the color of Russian Salad dressing, Coke, coffee, mud, little Timmy or little doggie waste. And while Timmy will soon master his toilet training habits and your kids will learn how to eat and drink without spilling grubs and drops, your carpet will continue to get dirty with dust, dirt, and grime from sundry other sources. So, you will need to engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner and also ensure that they do a thorough job of it.

  1. Unknown to many, many carpet cleaners use cleaning products that emanate toxic fumes or leave residues that can be harmful not only to the external world but also for health of the inhabitants of a house.

    1.Life is Tough

    There is nothing worse than walking barefoot in your home and stepping on spaghetti or some other biological entity that you do not want to be on the bottom of your feet but in your belly, in someone or something else’s, down the garbage disposal, or in the actual garbage. Not only are now possibly tracking around this mess you have to clean up the carpet because it is possibly stained or about to be. It is wonderful to have a family, for some, but there are times of complete and utter frustration and if you are carpet is stained, this is one of them. It is certainly unpleasant and unsightly when you have company over and that is the first thing they notice. It is hard for guests to concentrate or be impressed with your nice art piece or new couch when you have a ketchup stain glaring at them from your carpet, for instance.

  2. 2.Medical Consequences

    According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, dirty and moldy carpets are one of the most common domestic triggers of asthma, allergic reactions, and respiratory ailments. The importance of thorough carpet cleaning services just cannot be emphasized too much.


    When you engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner, make sure that they are up to the task. This will entail a lot of prodding and probing into their modus operandi and you must ask the following five questions to a carpet cleaning service provider before giving your nod of approval:

  3. How long have you been in this business?

    A business that has been around for some time should obviously be your choice. After all, it couldn’t have survived in the service industry had it not gained the trust of its customers.

  4. Can you provide references or show me testimonials from some of your customers?

    Rugs and cushions should be dusted and cleaned regularly to do away with all the dust that they accumulate over a period of time. These are major dust magnets and can hold and store dust particles for a long time. Rugs and carpets can be thrown over a clothesline or a fence outside and beaten with a bat or broom handle to shake the dust off. Cushions can either be vacuumed or beaten to clean then. Putting slipcovers over cushions might make it a little easier as these can then be thrown into the washing machine once in a while.

  5. Can you provide references or show me testimonials from some of your customers?

    Do not be taken in by glitzy ads. Instead ask a carpet cleaner to show testimonials from his customers or ask for references so that you can ask around to judge his worth.

  6. Are your cleaning products eco-friendly?

    Concern for the environment and the health of your family members should dictate your choice of a carpet cleaner. Unknown to many, many carpet cleaners use cleaning products that emanate toxic fumes or leave residues that can be harmful not only to the external world but also for health of the inhabitants of a house.

  7. Are your products pet-friendly?

    Your family of course, includes your furry, winged, scaled, clawed, and pawed friends as well. So, if you have pets in your house, hopefully they are not dangerous and exotic, you must ensure that the carpet cleaner uses products that do not harm them.

  8. Do I need to prepare my home for the carpet cleaning job and if so, how?

    Ask if you need to rearrange your furniture or tidy around the house in preparation for the carpet cleaning job or if this is included within the scope. Some carpet cleaners charge you by the hour and you might just want to do the preparation work yourself instead of shelling out money for the time the carpet cleaner takes to do it.

  9. 3.Due Diligence

    Choose a carpet cleaner only after you have received convincing answers to the above-mentioned questions. If a carpet cleaning professional provides evasive answers or hesitates to show your client testimonials, you can be sure that he is trying to sweep unpleasant facts under the carpet.

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