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5 Questions for a Home Inspector

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Home Inspection > 5 Questions for a Home Inspector
5 Questions for a Home Inspector

A home inspection should be a must for prospective home buyers. By having the property inspected you will obtain an idea of what extra costs you may incur after purchasing the home. It will also provide you some leverage when negotiating the buying price. The home inspection is done after you have entered into a contract. If there are any serious issues in the home you are thinking of buying, you may be able to get out of the contract without having to pay any penalties. When hiring a home inspector, be sure to check his or her credentials to verify that they are accredited.


You should also obviously notify the current home owner on what you are thinking and when the home inspector will stop by.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has a list of approved home inspectors as well as guidelines for you to make the right decisions. You can also seek referrals from friends or family who might have used a home inspector. Despite this, it might not be easy for you comprehend what the inspector has to say.


In order to get all your doubts cleared, you must prepare in advance. Make a list of all the questions that you should ask before you get ready to proceed with the purchase.

  1. 1.What will Your Inspection Cover?

    If you find anything that looks out of the ordinary or raises doubts in your mind, then point it out to the inspector.

    The inspection and the inspection report should be in accordance with state guidelines in the matter. Unless this is so, you will only have wasted your money on an inspection. You can ask the home inspector for a sample report before the actual inspection so you receive an idea of how he or she works. This will also provide an opportunity for you to get any specific concerns about the home addressed. During this time you can request the inspector to look closely at any areas that you want checked out thoroughly.

  2. 2.Ask About Experience and Knowledge of Residential Inspections

    You should be able to look at the person history in the field of home inspection and seek some referrals. Some inspectors work alone, while quite a few have partners or assistants with them. Also, it is common to find inspectors who have experience in construction or engineering, but their primary selling point should be home inspection. You can also ask about any professional associations that the inspector might be a member of. This might make it easier for you to verify experience and credentials.

  3. 3.Time and Cost Involved

    Ask about the time it will take for the inspection to be complete. It will take one inspector anywhere from two to three hours to conduct a thorough investigation of a residence. So, if the home inspector says it will take less than this, then you might want to look elsewhere. Cost is normally dependent on the location of the property, the size of the house, and required services to name a few. There is not any government specified fee range, but it is usually somewhere between $300 and $500.

  4. 4.Ask About Optional Tests

    The physical condition of the house, its plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning, will all be evaluated during the inspection. Depending on the location of the property and the state regulations, you might want to ask the home inspector about certain optional tests such as checking underground storage tanks, examining the paint and drinking water for lead, or testing the foam insulation for urea formaldehyde. These tests will be charged extra and you may want to ask about the cost beforehand.

  5. 5.Can I Attend the Home Inspection?

    Attending the home inspection is a great opportunity to get information about your prospective residence. You will be able to hear the expert’s opinion firsthand on the spot. So, if the home inspector you have approached refuses to let you accompany him or her it should cause you to stop and think. In this case, you may want to look for another home inspector.


    There used to be a company called Circuit City that did not allow you to watch them when they were installing a stereo system into your car. That seems very strange and it was. This is one of the many reasons many people do not miss them at all. They are no longer in business.

  6. Do Not Be Afraid

    There will be plenty of things to look out for during the home inspection visit. So, if you find anything that looks out of the ordinary or raises doubts in your mind, then point it out to the inspector. Do not hesitate to ask questions even if they seem dumb. Only if you ask questions will you learn more about the property you intend to buy.

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