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5 Questions For a Insulation Contractor

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Insulation > 5 Questions For a Insulation Contractor
5 Questions For a Insulation Contractor

For many, insulation is an after thought. It is easy to think of the pink stuff in the attic as just a bother, but it really is your first line of defense against escaping heat or cold. Insulation can help cut energy costs and make your home more comfortable. Finding an insulation contractor can help you make the right choices and get the job done in a thorough and efficient manner.


There are five questions you should ask your insulation contractor to ensure you are getting the most knowledgeable person for the job. The more you can trust your contractor, the more secure you will be in your insulation choices.

    This efficiency makes a large difference in your life, bringing down costs and keeping your family warm or cool depending on your region.
  1. 1.Licensed and Bonded

    Ask your contractor whether they are licensed and bonded and verify the numbers they give you. The process of becoming licensed and bonded requires a certain knowledge level that means your contractor will be able to give you the most current information.

  2. 2.Local References

    Ask your insulation contractor for local references. You also need to follow up, take the time to make the calls so you know how this contractor works. Talking to others is the best way to get to know the person you are hiring.

  3. 3.Warranties and Liability Insurance

    Check on your insulation contractor’s warranties on their work as well as what their liability insurance covers. This gives you a clue as to how long you can expect your insulation to last under the warranty. The liability insurance is a protection against any damage the contractor might accidentally cause during installation.

  4. 4.How Long

    You should ask your contractor how long they expect the job to take. For certain jobs you may be displaced and this often adds to the total cost of the insulation and you need to compare that to what you will save on your energy costs.

  5. 5.What Issues Could Delay Progress

    There are always things that can crop up and slow the progress down. A good insulation contractor knows what these potential pitfalls are and will be able to tell you so that you can plan accordingly.


    Your insulation contractor helps you make your house more efficient. This efficiency makes a large difference in your life, bringing down costs and keeping your family warm or cool depending on your region.

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