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5 Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Siding

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Siding > 5 Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Siding
5 Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Siding

When you want the best products for your home and you also wish to choose products that are environmentally responsible, you have an increasingly large selection from which to choose. Siding for your home can enhance its beauty while eliminating time-consuming maintenance. Engineered wood siding is one environmentally beneficial product that you might choose.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development has information available about one type of engineered wood siding that homeowners may install on a home. With a review of the facts, you might decide that you want to use this siding product.


Armed with five reasons to choose engineered wood siding, you’ll have the knowledge and information necessary to make an informed purchase decision.

  1. During construction, engineered wood siding can be formulated to resemble real wood or other materials like cedar, stucco, stone or masonry.

    1.Environmentally Friendly

    When you want the appearance of real wood for your home’s exterior but you’d rather use a more environmentally responsible product, engineered wood siding might be the optimal alternative. Engineered wood siding contains sawdust and a bonding agent that holds the sawdust together effectively. The process of formulating engineered wood siding does not utilize the same significant resources that standard wood siding utilizes to make, making it more environmentally friendly.

  2. 2.Less Expensive

    Because engineered wood siding does not require the same extensive processes to construct, this siding option is less expensive. Engineered wood siding is also lighter than wood, which makes it easier to install than wood siding because of easier handling. Because of the careful engineering process, the siding pieces are uniform and consistent in appearance, meaning there will be less material waste during installation. Even the coordinating accessory pieces are less expensive and will either match or contrast with the siding color you choose.

  3. 3.Maintenance Free

    During construction, engineered wood siding can be formulated to resemble real wood or other materials like cedar, stucco, stone or masonry. After installing engineered wood siding, you will enjoy a freedom from maintenance because the siding materials do not require repainting. It may be necessary to wash the exterior of your home once a year with a power washer, but this should be the only maintenance work you must perform to keep the siding looking attractive and staying in good condition.

  5. 4.Outer Resin Layer

    During production, engineered wood siding receives an additional chemical compound that helps it withstand mold, mildew, decay and insect infestation. These chemical resins coat the surfaces of the siding to form a tight and impenetrable layer.

  6. 5.Durability

    Engineered wood siding will not split, crack or warp after installation and the production process also avoids knots in the wood surface. Engineered wood siding will even withstand hail and other weather damage, maintaining a strong exterior on a home. Many manufacturers provide an extensive warranty for engineered wood products, often encompassing up to 30 years and transferrable upon the sale of a house.


    One you determine that you wish to proceed with engineered wood siding, your choices have just begun. You then have a variety of colors and design options awaiting your selection, from textures such as simulated cedar to other options such as masonry and stone. You can create the style and appearance you desire for your home with affordable engineered wood siding.

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